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Lev. 26:19 I will break the pride of your power.
Ps. 10:2 The wicked in his pride.
Ps. 10:4 Through the pride of his countenance.
Ps. 73:6 Therefore pride compasseth them about.
Prov. 8:13 Pride, and arrogance, and the evil way.
Prov. 11:2 When pride cometh, then cometh shame.
Prov. 13:10 Only by pride cometh contention.
Prov. 14:3 Of the foolish is a rod of pride.
Prov. 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction.
Prov. 29:23 A man's pride shall bring him low.
Mk. 7:22 An evil eye, blasphemy, pride.
I Ti. 3:6 Lest being lifted up with pride.
I Jn. 2:16 The pride of life.

God will break your power, bring shame and destruction, and bring you low for your pride. Characteristics are wicked, countenance, surrounds, arrogance, evil, contention, foolish, evil eye, blasphemy, lifted up and pride of life.

Other Pride Scriptures

I Sa. 17:28; II Chr. 32:26; Job 33:17, 35:25, 41:15 and 34; Ps. 31:20, 36:11 and 59:12; Is. 9:9, 16:6, 23:9, 25:11 and 28:1 and 3; Jer. 13:9 and 17, 48:29 and 49:16; Eze. 7:10, 16:49 and 56, and 30:6; Dan. 4:37 and 5:20; Hos. 5:5 and 7:10; Obad. 3; Zeph. 2:10 and 3:11; Zec. 9:6, 10:11 and 11:3.

Characteristics are naughtiness, pride of thine heart, hide pride, pride of evil men, children of pride, pride of man, foot of pride, taken in their pride, pride of various nations, haughtiness, stain the pride, bring down their pride, crown of pride, mar the pride, great pride, weep for your pride, arrogance, pride hath budded, iniquity of pride, pride of power, walk in pride, hardened in pride, rejoice in thy pride, cut off the pride, and pride is spoiled.

Proud Scriptures

Job 9:13 The proud helpers do stoop (bow) under him.
Job 26:12 He smiteth through the proud.
Job 40:11 And behold every one that is proud.
Job 40:12 Look on every one that is proud.
Ps. 12:3 The tongue that speaketh proud things.
Ps. 31:23 Plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.
Ps. 40:4 Trust, and respecteth not the proud.
Ps. 86:14 The proud are risen against me.
Ps. 94:2 Render a reward to the proud.
Ps. 101:5 A proud heart will not I suffer.
Ps. 119:21 Rebuked the proud that are cursed.
Ps. 119:51 The proud have had me greatly in derision.
Ps. 119:69 The proud have forged a lie against me.
Ps. 119:78 Let the proud be ashamed.
Ps. 119:85 The proud have digged pits for me.
Ps. 119:122 Let not the proud oppress me.
Ps. 123:4 And with the contempt of the proud.
Ps. 138:6 But the proud he knoweth afar off.
Ps. 140:5 The proud have hid a snare for me.
Prov. 6:17 A proud look, a lying tongue.
Prov. 15:25 Will destroy the house of the proud.
Prov. 16:5 Every one that is proud in heart.
Prov. 16:19 To divide the spoil with the proud.
Prov. 21:4 A proud heart.
Prov. 21:24 Proud and haughty scorner is his name.
Prov. 21:24 Who dealeth in proud wrath.
Prov. 28:25 He that is of a proud heart.
Eccl. 7:8 Is better than the proud in spirit.
Is. 2:12 And he shall be brought low.
Is. 13:11 The arrogancy of the proud to cease.
Jer. 13:15 Be not proud.
Jer. 50:31 I am against thee, O thou most proud.
Jer. 50:32 The most proud shall stumble and fall.
Hab. 2:5 By wine, he is a proud man.
Mal. 3:15 And now we call the proud happy.
Mal. 4:1 And all the proud, yea.
Lk. 1:51 He hath scattered the proud.
Rom. 1:30 Haters of God, despiteful, proud.
I Ti. 6:4 He is proud, knowing nothing.
2 Ti. 3:2 Own selves, covetous, boasters, proud.
Jas. 4:6 He saith, God resisteth the proud.
1 Pet. 5:5 For God resisteth the proud.

God will smite, reward (punish), not respect, not suffer, rebuke, curse, shame, know afar off, be against, scatter, resist and destroy, bring low the house of the proud, and stoop (bow) the proud helpers. Characteristics are lying tongue, derision, lie, digged pits, oppress, contempt, snare, divide the spoil, haughty scorner, arrogancy, to cease, haters of God, despiteful, knowing nothing, covetous, boasters, and proud look, heart, wrath, spirit and man.

Other Proud Scriptures

Job 38:11, Ps. 124:5 and Is. 16:6, Jer. 43:2, 48:29 & 50:29. Characteristics are thy proud waves be stayed, the proud waters have gone over, he is very proud, all the proud men, he is exceeding proud, and she hath been proud.

Proudly Scriptures

Ex. 18:11 They dealt proudly he was above them.
I Sa. 2:3 Talk no more so exceeding proudly.
Neh. 9:16 But they and our fathers dealt proudly.
Neh. 9:29 Yet they dealt proudly.
Ps. 17:10 With their mouth they speak proudly.
Ps. 31:18 Which speak grievous things proudly.
Is. 3:5 Himself proudly against the ancient.

God will be above those that deal proudly. Characteristics are grievous things, proudly against the ancient, and exceeding, dealt and speak proudly.

Other Proudly Scriptures

Neh. 9:10 and Obad. 12. Characteristics are they dealth proudly against them and spoken proudly in the day of distress.


Spiritual pride, ego and vanity are large hindrances to living your Christian life. Pride, ego and vanity can affect your secular life. All forms of pride can affect many areas in your walk with God and living your secular life for the worse.

Remember that pride comes before loss of power, shame, contention, destruction, being brought low, an evil eye and blasphemy. It comes before a fall from your position in Christ or the world.

Pride can come in the ministry of deliverance to those who are hurt, bruised and wounded. When you learn that you have power over the enemy, you can become exalted in your thoughts about your self (Luke 10:17-20). This is a ministry of signs, wonders and miracles but they are being done by the Power of God working through you. You can't do anything without God.

There are many types of religious spirits that affect Christianity. Religious spirits are given freedom due to the way you think about religion. These will be found in the ways that Christians fight against each other due to differences in beliefs. Christians fight against each other even in the same church due to ungodly reasons.

Pride can especially affect the leaders who think the credit for what God is doing belongs to them (Proverbs 6:16-19). I believe that God hates pride because we are taking credit for what He has done. When we fall into pride, we can't think correctly and make errors in judgement.

Pride can affect the Christian marriage. Are you following Eph. 5:22 & 25 and 6:1 & 4 for the perfect family before God? It would be good for you to read Eph. 5:22-6:4 for a more complete explanation.


I believe that The Book Of Ester, Chapters 3-7 contain the best example of pride in the Bible. Mordecai would not bow or reverence Haman. Haman had his pride hurt and was full of wrath. Haman obtained a decree to destroy Mordecai and the Jews. Haman was hanged on his own gallows.

How about Satan's fall from Heaven (Isa. 14:4-23 and Eze. 28:11-19)? Satan took a third of the angels with him who fell because of pride. There are other examples of pride in The Bible and what it cost those who fell into Satan's trap.


Pride is a huge sea serpent demon coiled in abdomen who dislikes Psa. 74:13-14.
Pride causes mourning, spiritual darkness, arrogance, spiritual pride; uses logic, rationalization and justification to know things of God; ego, little pride, blocks mind, hinders spiritual growth, distracts and disturbs concentration in Bible study and prayer, brooding, melancholy, depression, gloominess, mental dejection, irascibility; weariness and sleepiness in worship services (Job 41, Isa. 27:1).

Rahab: dragon, pride (Isa. 51:9-10)

Orion: first lieutenant of Lucifer, very proud, beautiful, intellectual spirit, enters with any compromise of the Word of God; controls counterfeit gifts, false peace and piety.

Prince Charming: host of intellectual and philosophical spirits, religious spirits, false gifts to give a veneer of spirituality. Attacks ministers, especially those in deliverance. Uses pride to restrict the ministry to a specific area or to certain people. Will use pressure tactics to lead to radical modifications or abandonment of casting out evil spirits.

Absalom: pride, vanity, rebellion, deception, seduction, treachery, self righteousness, haughtiness, importance, arrogance, self deception, ego.


Almighty God, I come to you in the matter of pride. Pride is an abomination to you (Prov. 16:5). I forgive my ancestors, descendents, and anyone else that has had spiritual or carnal authority over me. I ask you to forgive me and I forgive myself. I do this for any sin committed in pride that would have affected me spiritually. I ask that you save them, bless them with spiritual blessings, bring them into truth and meet their needs out of your riches in glory. I ask these things in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, Lord, Master and Savior. Amen.


Leviathan, King of the Children of Pride: pride, mourning, spiritual darkness, arrogance, spiritual pride, using logic rather than being led by God, ego, little pride, rationalization, carnal justification to know the things of God, blocks mind, hinders spiritual growth, distracts, disturbs concentration in Bible study and prayer; weariness and sleepiness in worship services; brooding, melancholy, depression, gloominess, mental dejection, irascibility.

Rahab: dragon, pride.

Orion: compromise of the Word of God, counterfeit gifts, false peace, piety.

Prince Charming: intellectual and philosophical spirits, religious spirits, false gifts, veneer of spirituality.

Absalom: pride, vanity, rebellion, deception, seduction, treachery: mind idolatry, vanity, perfection, competition, schizophrenia, self righteousness, haughtiness, importance, arrogance, self deception, ego.

Mind Idolatry: pride, intellectualism, rationalization, ego.

Vanity: Belphegar, Belfagar, Apollyon, Scorpion, fears, Absalom, pride, Orion, perfection, schizophrenia.

Perfectionism: pride, vanity, frustration, irritability, intolerance, anger, criticism, schizophrenia.

Competition: pride, driving, argument, ego, compromise, indecision, blocked spiritual growth, Orion.

Schizophrenia: pride, etc.

Ego: mind idolatry, pride, perfection, competition, schizophrenia.