Witch's Brew in the Pew and Pulpit


1. This lesson is about how to keep from being manipulated

by the people you minister to, and how not to manipulate the

people in the congregation.

2. It works both ways: pulpit to pew, and pew to pulpit.


1. Is someone practicing witchcraft on you?

1. O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you that you

should not obey the truth? (Gal. 3:1).

2. Jezebel Introduced

1. She controlled her weak husband by the spirit of

witchcraft, and by controlling King Ahab, she was able to

exert immeasurable control over Israel.

2. See also Rev. 2:18-29 for God's reproof.

3. Witchcraft Defined

1. Witchcraft comes from the original word kashaph which

means to whisper a spell, speak a curse, or practice magic.

2. Witchcraft can be separated into two divisions: white

and black.

3. White witchcraft refers to the delusion some witches

are under as they believe they are using Satan's power to

affect mankind for good.

4. Black witches understand that their sorceries, spells

and incantations are intended to bring evil on the objects

of their bewitchments.

4. The Brew Principal

1. One thing leaders should understand is that you can

have a witch's brew in the pew without having the witch


5. Identifying the Brew

1. Excessive Control - This is obvious when an individual

attempts to exercise too much authority over others, holding

them back to an extreme degree and keeping them down beyond


2. Manipulation - This occurs when one person changes the

function of another for their own purpose or advantage by

treating that person unfairly or dishonestly.

3. Threats - Witchcraft spirits issue statements of

possible harm or evil.

4. Violations of Rules - This can best be summed up by

the term law breaker.

5. Refusal to Submit to Authority - One of the

characteristics of the Wilderness Generation was rebellion.

6. How do you stack up? What manner of spirit are you

(Luke 9:55)?


1. Witchcraft always challenges governmental authority.

2. The Jezebel Brew

1. What could change Elijah? A witch's brew, that's what!

3. The Brew and You: Let me ask you some more questions:

1. Are you going through great times of discouragement?

2. Are you bound by a terrible fear?

3. Are you seeing terrible things happen all around you?

4. Have you felt your confidence in God shaken to the

core of your being?

5. If it affected Elijah, what will it do to you (James


6. You are are not warring against flesh and blood (Eph.



1. The Brew of Rebellion

1. Witchcraft is the unlawful art of imposing one's will

over another.

2. The Cain Brew

1. Witchcraft began to work through Cain because he

became very jealous of his brother Abel. He killed the one

who was put in authority over him by God.

2. The witch's brew has spread these lies to the body of

Christ for the purpose of breaking down the faith, trust and

confidence in the hearts of God's people toward the men and

women of God.

3. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion

and every evil work (James 3:16).

3. The root of witchcraft is rebellion against spiritual



1. Witchcraft works through rebellion against authority and

refuses to submit to God's designated authority over the

earth. In Mark Chapter 1, we find an occasion where an

unclean spirit operated through a man right in the middle of

a worship service.

2. Witchcraft not only fosters disobedience to authority in

others, but also seeks after gifts instead of the Giver.

3. Witchcraft finds fault in pastors, church leaders and

church policies in order to cause some to take up offenses

among the brethren. Proverbs 6:19 teaches us that one of the

seven especially detestable sins in the Lord's eyes is: he

that soweth discord among brethren.

4. Witchcraft agrees with disenchanted church members

instead of defending church authority. We are obligated to

take a stand for what we believe.

5. The witch's brew questions, undermines and, finally,

judges authority. What do I mean by passing judgment? Here

are some examples:

1. I am leaving the church because the pastors are just

too busy.

2. I don't feel love in this church anymore.

3. I am going to go to some other church where people are


4. I don't believe the pastor has the right to tell me

what to do.

5. I don't like the pastor's new policy.

6. Witchcraft suggests misappropriation of church funds. For

the love of money is the root of all evil (I Tim. 6:10).

7. Witchcraft can work through women, through wives'

manipulation of husbands or through marital relations or

social favors. The Bible says that a married person's body

is not his or her own (1 Cor. 7:4).

8. Witchcraft rebels against the parental authority. God

said, Honor thy father and thy mother (Exod. 20:12).

9. Witchcraft promotes a mixed spirit in the church. Jesus

said for us to be either hot or cold because if we are

lukewarm, He will spew us out of His mouth (Rev. 3:15).

10. Witchcraft defends family members above authority. A few

children are such skillful manipulators that they can always

make the parent believe it was somebody else's fault.

11. Witchcraft tries to use money to control what is

preached from the pulpit. God is your source and supply

(Phil. 4:19).

12. Witchcraft retaliates through punishment. A witch's brew

will many times leave you where there is no answer.

13. Witchcraft gives ultimatums to authority. Do not let

that witch's brew come on you!

14. Witchcraft tries to destroy the anointing through sex


15. Witchcraft uses the supernatural to infiltrate spirits

into the church. The Bible teaches that God will not let

anything happen unless He first tells His prophets (Amos


16. Witchcraft uses artifacts and plants them on property

for purposes of having powerful spirits fight against

specific goals.

17. Witchcraft gets properties and finances all tied up.

Child of God, I am telling you, there could be a witch's

brew being practiced on you.

18. Witchcraft violates balance with severe mood swings.

19. Witchcraft gives directional prophecy without submitting

to the governmental authority of the local church. The Bible

teaches us not to lay hands suddenly on any man (1 Tim.


20. Witchcraft uses prophecy to control, manipulate or

impose its will on other people. Your money perish with thee

because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be

purchased with money (Acts 8:20).

21. Witchcraft tries to make people more loyal to race,

gender and causes than to the Word of God.

22. Witchcraft constantly looks for discrimination in the

church to talk among the saints and cause division.

23. Witchcraft instigates action for someone else to go

ahead and say things or do things on its behalf and then

hides in the background as though totally innocent.

24. Witchcraft plants bad seeds through insinuations.

25. The witch's brew tries to suck the life out of the

ministers of a church.

26. The Golden Keys of Deliverance from the Witch's Brew

(Matt. 3:10)

1. Put light on the matter. And the light shineth in

darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:5).

2. Rebuke it, if possible. Jesus had to rebuke Peter and

say, Get thee behind me, Satan (Mark 16:23).

3. Meditate on Psalm 35.

4. Raise up the prayer of agreement (Matt. 18:19).

5. Be quick to say to someone, I don't believe that or I

don't receive that.

6. Bring insinuators / instigators to authority (Matt.


7. Send curses back to where they came, then bless those

that curse you (Psa. 109:17).


1. Dealing with Dangerous People

1. I am referring, of course, to people operating under

the spirit of witchcraft.

2. Is there a snake setting you up with some of the

following questions?

1. Hath God said?

2. Hath God told you?

3. Hath God called you?

4. Are you sure this is God?

5. Are you sure this is what God wants from you?

6. Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?

7. You cannot procrastinate about dealing with snakes,

i.e., dangerous people.

3. When the Devil is attempting to uproot you, recognize

these tones:

1. Have you noticed your mate lately?

2. Hath God said?

3. She has put on about 35-40 pounds.

4. He is going bald as a cue ball.

5. All he wants to do is watch television.

6. All she does is spend time on the telephone.

7. Have you also noticed that attractive person over


8. Leave that church. You know, really, you have been

there long enough.

9. You know the pastor's stories better than he knows


10. Wouldn't it be more fun to go to another church where

you could hear fresh and new stories?

11. Have you noticed how the folks at the church ignore


12. That job, I'm telling you, I would not put up with


13. They talk to you like you are a dog.

14. They don't appreciate your work.

15. Maybe that's God's way of telling you it is time to

leave that job.

16. Are you sure God really wants you to stay in this


17. The Devil is always trying to uproot and substitute!

18. You will never go further in God until you see

yourself the way God sees you.

4. The Forked Tongued Devil

1. The Devil speaks to us in two ways. The first way is

that he speaks to us in our minds.

2. The second way is that he speaks to us through people,

dangerous people, who knowingly or unknowingly are tools of

the enemy.

5. Some Characteristics and Attacks of Vipers

1. When vipers meet, they are up to no good.

2. Vipers always justify their position.

3. Vipers are only concerned about themselves.

4. When vipers gather, it is always for the big setup.

5. Vipers misuse and abuse authority.

6. Vipers love to flatter with their lips. They will

charm you. They say things like:

1. What a nice person you are.

2. I am so glad God sent you to us.

3. The company has never operated better as when you


7. Vipers use spiritual things to deceive.

8. Vipers target leaders. When you start hearing

flattering words like:

1. Oh, Brother, nobody preaches like you.

2. Oh, I have never felt an anointing like I feel.

3. Even when I think about you praying for me, my body


4. Nobody but you can do it.

9. Vipers charm their victims into a false sense of


10. Vipers get innocent people to do their dirty work.

6. What Do Vipers Want?

1. Your Birthright:

1. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain

the whole world, and lose his own soul (Mark 8:36)?

2. Your Integrity:

1. This is who you really are.

3. Your Calling and Originality:

1. God has you right where you are for a reason.

2. It has to do with your calling and your


7. Ways to Help You Become the Victor

1. Tough love is a positive position.

2. Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your

God has commanded you, that your days may be prolonged, and

that it may go well with you on the land which the Lord your

God gives you (Deut. 5:16).

3. Mark and avoid known vipers.

1. Jesus rebuked Peter for allowing Satan to use him,

but He did not break fellowship with Peter for the single

offense (Matt. 16:23).

4. Ask snakes questions instead of letting them question


1. When his agents, vipers, question you, you should

reply with questions back:

2. Have you talked to them about this?

3. Have you cleared this with pastor?

4. Have you talked to God about this?

5. Do you think this is what Jesus wants you to do?

6. Let's go see that brother.

7. Let's go talk with that sister.

5. Keep snakes on their bellies. Upon thy belly shalt

thou go (Gen. 3:14).

6. Put great value on free will, authority, conscience

and submission.

1. You might reply with one of the following:

2. I do not believe what you are saying about that

brother or sister.

3. This is a good church.

4. I am not going to get in this gossip session.

5. I do not receive that in the name of Jesus.

6. I will not think evil of my brother or sister.

7. Let your character stand up and take your stand!


1. You Are to Make Statements

1. Every statement Adam made must have made God smile

because He saw His son doing the identical thing that He

did: making statements.

2. The First Question

1. The Devil asked the first question! Yea hath God said

(Gen. 3:1)?

2. When our first parents ate that fruit, they exchanged

their statements for questions.

3. These are some examples of what are thought and spoken by

some people:

1. What did I ever do to deserve this?

2. Why was I born this way?

3. Is there something wrong with me?

4. Why can't I be happy?

5. Why do the good die young?

6. Why am I going through this?

7. Why is my business not prospering when I am trying so


8. Why do I go through this with my children?

9. Why is this thing held up so long when I have been

waiting for it to come in and it seems like it's never going

to come in?

10. Questions, questions, questions! To get us into


4. The Burning Bush: I AM THAT I AM. We find that it means

three things:

1. God is reality.

2. God is existence.

3. God is life.



5. God's Statement About You

1. There are many people who have no direction in their

lives anymore. Why are they lacking direction?

2. For one reason, because they have begun to move into

the question side of themselves instead of standing on the

statement side of themselves.

6. The Red Sea

1. Have you noticed how the question side of man

predominated over the statement side of man when Israel

reached the Red Sea?

7. Born Again to Make Statements

1. God wants us to get out of questions and into


2. Every person who has been born-again has had to make a

statement to this question.

3. Who do people say Jesus is ? Who do you say that Jesus


8. The Baptism of Jesus

1. Jesus made a statement to the world when He was


9. The Sons of Sceva

1. They made a statement but they didn't know who they

were. They heard about the Jesus and Paul.

2. Each of us must have that personal experience.

10. Are You Naked?

1. Anytime you do not know who God is in a statement

form, but you only know God in question form, then you will

end up going down the highway spiritually stripped and


2. I believe God is showing us something today, and it

is not that the power is not available, but that we have got

to get a statement.

11. Make A Decision

1. Make a decision about who you are in life and

especially the spiritual realm.

12. Cain and Able

1. Cain means can I. Cain became a wandering question


2. What is the New Age philosophy?

1. You are your own god.

2. Everybody is god.

3. We are all gods.

4. We are all connected to God.

5. All you need to do is listen to the god in you.

3. Abel made a statement with his sacrifice.

4. You can only be redeemed by a statement. When God

asks you a question, it's time for you to make a statement!

13. Prayer: Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, reveal

Yourself to my life and situation. Give me the statement I

should make and I will speak it boldly. From this day

forward, I refuse to be bound by questions, but I say what

God says about me. In Jesus' Name I pray.

14. Statement: Jesus is the answer to my question! Jesus is

the solution to my problem. The battle is not mine but the

battle is the Lord's! Devil, you are in trouble! In the

mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


Witch's Brew in the Pew, Dr. Drew Rousse with David

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