Luke 4:18-19 King James The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,

because he has anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the poor;

he has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach

deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the

blind, and to set at liberty them that are bruised. To

preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Luke 4:18-19 Amplified The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,

because He has anointed Me [the Anointed One, the Messiah]

to preach the good news [the Gospel] to the poor; He has

sent Me to announce release to the captives, and recovery of

sight to the blind; to send forth delivered those who are

oppressed - who are downtrodden, bruised, crushed and broken

down by calamity; To proclaim the accepted and acceptable

year of the Lord - the day when salvation and the free

favors of God profusely abound.


Over the years as we have worked with people, we have often

pondered this question How does a person become so damaged

that there seems to be no way out? In the world of

psychiatry and psychology, there is only marginal help.

Where then can a person get help for the seemingly endless

mental and emotional problems of our day. God has promised

us salvation for our body, soul, and spirit.

As you read your Bible further, you will ascertain that for

the most part, people did not even try to get back into

obedience to God. As you look around you, maybe into

yourself, you will see only a handful who desire God more

than their necessary food. Do you?

After rejection comes bitterness, then rebellion after

rebellion. It's anything goes; the flood gates are open.

Today each person that exists is important to God as a

separate being. For the duration of this study we are going

to call this being I. God planned for each of us to have a

life of service to him. Satan plans to rob us of this plan

and all the joy it will bless us with. God's perfect plan

did not include our having to be saved and delivered.

Because of Adam's sin, we must have both salvation and

deliverance if we are to get any semblance of God's plan

working in our lives. Without deliverance, you are



Lets look up the meaning of some words:

1. Heal - to cure, to make whole. Question - Can a person be

whole if he is in bondage in either the spirit, soul or


2. Deliverance - to pardon, forgiveness, liberty, remission.

It's paramount meaning is liberty. Question - Can a person

be truly free if he has bondage in his spirit, soul or body?

3. Recovering - to recover sight, to look up. Question - Can

a person truly see who is blind physically or spiritually?


In these verses alone, God has promised to heal, deliver and

recover all that we have lost. I have read and re-read

Genesis 3 looking for clues to our own fall and recovery.

I believe the questions, Satan asked Eve, reveal her state

of mind. Was she out there looking at that tree wondering

what the fruit would taste like, questioning why a tree

would bring death, just overly curious, already begun to

doubt God's warning or had something happened in the garden

that made her feel some need to be better in some way? (Is

the way you as a woman might have thought? Women have a

weakness traceable back to Eve of curiosity.)

Enter Satan and his venom: doubt and distrust. He asks Can

it really be [we need to be careful when words containing

this sentiment are presented to us about what God has

established] that God has said, You shall not eat of every

tree in the garden?

Eve makes a weak attempt at exercising faith in God. Where

God said Ye shall surely die, Eve weakly says lest ye die,

as if God's warning was to be taken lightly, dismissed, or

she could exclude it.

Now Satan moves quickly seeing she is enticed. He promises

Eve that her eyes will be opened [today we might say you'll

be worldly wise]; be like God [today we call this occult

power]; knowing or experiencing good and evil [until the

fall she had only known good and had never suffered from the

results of sin or calamity].

We see here that Satan was trying and succeeded at getting

Eve, then Adam, to be like him. In Isaiah 14:14-15 we see

Satan saying in his heart I will go up to heaven, set my

throne above God's stars and ascend above the clouds. He

puffs himself up until he says he'll be like God. So he

entices each of us to do like he has done. We see what

Satan will get, and us also, if we do not always work at

being obedient to God's commandments.

Did you notice Satan didn't ask Eve to get drunk, cheat,

kill or enter prostitution? He hit her where she was

thinking contrary to God's directions.

If we allow ourselves to think about any form of evil, no

matter how small, that evil begins to look less evil to us.

We do that one sin, then worse sins look less evil. We get

on the road down to Hell and soon we don't even know we are

on the road to Hell.

Satan was playing Adam and Eve for fools. He knew what they

would get. He promised glory but they got gored. They were

thrown out of the garden into a very hostile environment

where all progress would be challenged by Satan. Mankind has

always had to contend with rejection, and it only can be

cured by obeying God in salvation, obedience and



Enter the second generation. First son, Cain, is very much a

son of disobedience. He is a picture of religions and people

who want to tell God that he must accept them on their terms

not on God's terms. This includes cults and occult

worshipers. He is a picture of those who are against

accepting Christ according to God's plan.

Cain, when he was rejected by God, followed a pattern which

is in style today. Instead of conquering sin, he got mad at

and killed someone who was not the problem. We like to blame

others and not correct ourselves.

Some of Cain's problems were due to his parents actions.

They, for at least the time they ate of the fruit until God

came to visit, were Satan worshipers. Thus their children

were under curses for Satan worship.

So why didn't Abel act like Cain? God gives us the clue. He

told Cain that he must master sin. God has given each of us

a free will. Abel chose a life of obedience. This shows us

we do not have to fulfill an evil inheritance. God told me

(Earline) that I didn't have to be like my parents as I was

walking home from school in the woods.

God has given us Jesus for victory over Satan, but unless we

are willing to submit and obey, Jesus cannot prevail in us.

This kind of submission will necessitate Bible study and

obedience in our private lives. It means a cleaned up and

obedient mind.


Our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, great-great

grandfathers, even to our tenth generation or further

backwards, and even to Adam and Eve are still influencing us

today. The sins committed by them unloose demonic influences

on us if we fall within the number of generations of the

curse. If we do not correctly follow God's directions in the

Bible, these influences will hinder, distract, harden and

harass us. They may get us into the same or worse sins, and

thereby curse our own children and the on-going generations.

(Earline) as a school teacher, parent, and observer of

people's trials and triumphs, I can attest to the fact that

the curses our forefathers let loose are still going. I

believe these curses are the main reason for the great rise

in the occult, cults and rock music.


When we are rejected and I don't mean a slight rejection. I

mean rejection that is life threatening to this I such as

attempted abortion, child abuse, occult activities,

influence of rock music [which is Satan worship], and

parental hatred or neglect. I have never seen a case of fear

of rejection which did not stem from rejection in the home.

In the home we learn to fear rejection; then in the outside

world, we react to rejection with compromise or slavery.

Rejection is one, if not Satan's main trump card. This being

the case, all parents need to get delivered from rejection.

Then learn from the Bible what their responsibilities are,

and how they should love, correct and teach their children.

If someone does not take up their responsibility to fight

rejection, it will ruin many a life.

Daughters and sons both seem to suffer most from rejection

which comes from the father. Father, because of his God

given place of leader and priest, can more easily injure the

children than the mother. (Do you realize that, men?)

When we have suffered the deadly wound of rejection, we are

always trying to keep from suffering it again. We do things

we do not want to or do not approve of. Then comes the guilt

trip and it's agony. We feel inferior to everyone and will

be a door mop for love of any type. Rejected people always

sell themselves cheap usually getting little or nothing in



Children should not be begged or bribed to be good. They

should be taught what is good behavior and why. It is best

to live it yourself so that they do not have to look next

door to see what you are talking about. Men there are 4 1/2

pages of scriptures listed in the Strong's Concordance that

you may learn about how you should think about children and

how you should teach them. Gene had Marie study and discuss

with him the book of Proverbs. It is a good source of

instruction for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.


I believe rock music is Satan worship. Many young people

have told us of the demonic things that go on at the

concerts. Afterward, demons have come into children's rooms

and told them evil things to do. The demons want the

children to kill, not just themselves, but others also.

Parents have their share of the responsibility for stopping

the participation of their children in this form of Satan

worship. A good thing to do is fast and pray to find out why

your children are into it. When you know you begin to teach

the children about the aims and results of these groups. It

is not easy to stop this once you have allowed it to get a

strong foothold.

The warfare prayer of binding and loosing will get you

started. Bind the Satanic worship spirits, and ask God to

help your children see what is really happening in the

spirit world as they listen to this music. Listen to the

music with them and ask them to explain what it means. Do

your homework and know about it yourself. (God told Marie to

bind and loose daily because of the occult powers coming

against us.)

Most young people are into rock music because they have

suffered rejection and it's pain, and do not want to suffer

the pain again. After they have exposed their minds and

bodies to the horror of a typical rock concert and/or tapes,

demons will mess with them until that young person and their

parents declare all out war on the demons and totally turn

away from rock.

Rock stars have no love for the fans and have been known to

shriek with glee about the money they have ripped off the

people, and the young lives they have helped ruin. Young

people be very careful who you admire. You become like the

worst in whoever you admire.


Parents, you need to look into the toy box; it also is a

Satan seller. Who puts most of the toys in the box? It seems

that every popular toy has a demonic purpose. Your instinct

of protection for your children should tell you that the

toys are wrong. All you need to do many times is read the

advertisement and you know the toy is not good. Many

children who feel rejected will demand a bad toy, even when

they really don't like it, because they fear being rejected

if they don't have one. This is one clue to the condition of

you child. Children who feel rejected will have a hard time

maintaining a good character because they cannot say no to



There are several kinds of love that are popular today:

1. There's what I call sloppy agape. That's where everyone

tells everyone else how much they love each other - but

don't call me if you need any help that will require me to

give up my selfishness.

2. Then there's manipulating love. It says if you were

really a Christian you'd.... or if you loved me you'd...

3. Then there's sinuous love. That's where someone wants you

to give them sex with no commitment to you.

4. Then there's God's kind of love. It is true, will be

honest with you, will help in times of real need, will not

cheat, rob, use or abuse you. It will support you while you

learn to follow Jesus Christ. It will rejoice over you as

you grow.

I have seen too much passive love today. I hear much love

talk but see little real love in the church today. We meet a

lot of people who want you to pet their demons with them. No

one who is saved needs to continue in the same old rut

forever. As a delivered person and one who works helping

others get delivered, you will have to have enough love to

tell the person the truth when you know they and their

demons do not want the truth told. It is true you may have

to work hard at getting and keeping deliverance, but it is

your duty to God.


God has shown Earline and me patterns such as the

homosexual. I would like to share a demonic pattern of a

person we worked with:

A young man [we could just as easily say many, for their

stories are much alike] who had tendencies toward other men

who were homosexuals. His story went like this. He was not

wanted or he was the wrong sex. His father beat him [more

than spankings] often for no cause, didn't do any thing for

pleasure with him, never took the time to teach good

behavior but always demanded it, cursed at him, never

complemented him, sexually abused him, drank and abused his

mother, and never said in word or deed that the boy was


No way will work unless it is scriptural, and followed by

the individual.

How do you help this young man? What do you think? Do you

think that deliverance will work?