If anyone of your ten-generations of 2016 ancestors created a bastard or
participated in incest, you are cursed. We believe that probably everyone has
the curse of the bastard and the curse of incest on them, if they have not
forgiven their ancestors and broken the curses off of them and their

Genesis 19:30-38 Lot's two daughters committed incest with him, and conceived
Moab and Ben-ammi.
Deuteronomy 23:3-6 One conceived in incest shall not enter into church for ten

Incest is having sex with your blood relative, such as a father having sex with
his daughter. A bastard is a child who is conceived before the parents are

The child is a bastard, even if the couple gets married after conception,
because the sin of fornication was committed before marriage. If a child is
conceived in incest, it is also a bastard. The child can have both the curses
of incest and the bastard.

The child who is a bastard is cursed, its parents are cursed and ten
generations of the parent's descendents are cursed. The child who has been
forced into incest is cursed and its descendents are cursed for ten

A bastard or incestuous person will never be content in any church, and will
wander from church to church. The person will cause trouble in the churches
that they attend.

Win Worley, possibly the most anointed deliverance minister in the world, loved
to say "I hope you enjoyed your sin. You cursed yourself, your children, your
grand children and your great-grand children."

Incest shows a degraded mind which is unclean. The person may even be filthy in
his person as well as in his mind. He is degenerate in morals.

They hate those who belong to God and do every thing they can to harm them.
They do not like to give aid to God's children or to God's causes. Most are
critical of God's children without cause.

Rejection, bitterness and rebellion are very strong in people who have had
incest relations or have this curse on them.

Children who have had incest relations will be very confused, frustrated, self
accusing, hopelessly embarrassed and jealous. They will be filled with guilt,
shame and evil works.

Incest causes mistrust, hatred and contempt for those in authority. They have
hatred for the person who forced them into incest and often transfer that
hatred to all of that sex. This can especially lead to women hating all men.

When they get what they feel would make them okay, it does not. They are never
able to get the unwanted feelings to go away.

They are unable to accomplish anything worthwhile because their mind has become
fragmented. It cannot concentrate or be disciplined.

Earline's Comments As A Teacher
It can be spotted by a teacher. These children will be scared of adults, cannot
do their work alone and always are having trouble with the person in authority.
They will be full of hate, bitterness, lude talk, no self respect and no
respect for others. They do not have joy in learning, do not believe things
will ever change and have hopelessness with no reason to try. (The children in
the first grade play with their sexual organs in the classroom.)

Num. 22-31 The story of Balaam, Israel's idolatry, and the Midianites. Balaam
was one of the God's greatest prophets but fell into sin through covetousness.
Balaam advised the King of Midian to have his women mingle with the Israelites.
Israel's downfall was having sex with the Midianite women and they led the men
to idolatrous worship of their gods.
Deut. 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into church for ten generations.
II Sam. 11:2 David conceived a bastard.
II Sam. 14-15 Household results were murder, incest and rebellion.
Rom. 1:18-32 God gave the men and women sodomites up to uncleanness through
their lusts.
I Cor. 6:15-16 He which is joined to an harlot is one body; your souls are knit
James 3:17-18 We are looking to obtain a harvest of righteousness, not a
harvest of curses.
Rev. 2:4 Because thou hast left thy first love.

This lesson will show the far reaching effects of one act of sin by a couple.
You will begin to see why our society is in such bad shape.

Here is something to consider: God has issued a three to four generation curse
against the family line of those who worship other god's, but He has issued a
curse for ten generations on those who conceive bastards or practice incest.
God is more concerned about what we do to our offspring than about worship of
other gods.

The results of this curse fall on those conceiving the bastard, on the bastard,
and an all other children born to either of them. It also falls on all of their
children who are conceived inside a legitimate marriage. It falls on ten
generations of descendents beginning with the bastard.

When a bastard is conceived in lust (a revelation given to Earline), it is not
true love. True love is protecting and providing. Neither is present when the
bastard is conceived. Demons of lust will follow all children of this line.
Besides lust, other sexual demons especially will follow them and try to gain

Most babies conceived as bastards are not wanted by one or both parents. The
child will have more than normal trouble with rejection, lust, anger even to
commit unprovoked murder on people they do not even know, and lust even to
uncontrolled lust. They will harbor hate, envy and jealousy. They will be
unsettled and irresponsible. These people have a hard time sticking to a job
whether it be education, profession or marriage.

They have a hard time with all intimate relationships, trouble with co-workers,
sexual impurity and abnormalities, and alcohol and drugs. Fascination with
crime and the occult distract from their success.

A co-operating chain of demon families work together to destroy these people in
their family life, work and Christian life. These demonic families might
include Ahab, Jezebel, Asmodeus, Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Automatic
Failure, Self-Hatred, and Excessive-Compulsive Behavior.

People with the bastard curse on them have trouble with religious deception.
They cause trouble and strife in churches and groups. These demons will push
people into ministry before they are grounded in Biblical principals. The
intent is to destroy them before they gain sufficient strength and knowledge to
stand against the attack of the demons.

These people will fall into two extremes: they will spoil for a confrontation
or refuse to confront an unpleasant situation. They will dwell excessively on
their problems with self or others, or they seem to be able to pretend to or
ignore problems.

When they were in the womb, they were unwanted or an abortion was attempted or
considered. Because of the hurt they have suffered, they become hardened and
have a difficult time receiving friendship, and in giving and receiving love.
They often choose a mate who will not be able to give and receive love either.
They have difficulty trusting themselves or others, and often trust the wrong
people thus building more hate, hurt, etc.

Present day observations of society include more bastards, family and personal
rebellion, sickness, suicide, can't feel welcome or at peace in God's house,
physical deformities, delinquency, murder, and mental illness.

You should study The Bible and medical guides to see how horrible the diseases
are that come out of sexual sins. It would also be shocking to study what sex
crimes are, and the terrible results even unto death.

Four Family Generations
We worked with this family which included mother, daughter, grandchildren and
great-grand children. Mother ran away from home at fifteen (claimed poverty
was the reason), lived with a man and conceived a bastard daughter. Mother
refuses to forgive. The daughter runs away at fifteen, lives with man,
conceived a bastard granddaughter. (Do you see the pattern; like mother - like
daughter.) Lives with another man, creates another bastard grandson and
granddaughter. Marries, has legitimate grandson. Divorces, lives with another
man and has bastard granddaughter. At present, daughter is married, found
Bible, got saved and sought deliverance.

First granddaughter entices man to sex, conceives child and forces man into
marriage. Second granddaughter, the step-father exposes himself to her. First
grandson is very promiscuous. Second grandson is only Christian with any
strength; he is very weak and unsure. Last granddaughter, thirteen years old,
finds out she is also a bastard and is broken-hearted over it.

Unsaved to Saved
We went to church with this family. An unsaved drunkard conceives daughter with
prostitute. Gets saved, visits daughter and finds her being raised in house of
prostitution. His family agrees to take her into their home. Curse of bastard
affects even the legitimate children; one son has bastard and another son is
petty criminal.

The Curse of the Bastard in Earline's Life
Great grandfather marries great grandmother in church. All seems well; they
have three children. Great grandfather dies. Great grandmother discovers she
can not get his railroad pension because she is his fifth wife. My grandfather
becomes very bitter and a little paranoid. My mom is paranoid and
schizophrenic (like father - like daughter). She abused me physically.

Here are some of the problems created for me by this bastard curse. Never
feeling at home in any church for long. Never feeling good about myself.
Being ashamed for people to look at me even though I didn't know what I wanted
to hide, overriding fear, striving excessively to succeed and stopping short of
realizing the goal, fear of failure, fear of authority, resisting authority,
fighting verbally and physically, demonic pressure to sexual activities, and
not much joy in natural or spiritual life.

King David
Let's take a Bible example: David in II Sam. 11:2 conceived a bastard. The
results were murder to cover it up and death to the child.

What happened to David's children as a result of this one act of disobedience?
God placed a sword in David's house; it would raise up evil against David out
of his own house. Nathan told David that God would have given him more wives
but to take Uriah's only wife was very evil. (Notice that it was allright to
have more than one wife and concubine in the Old Testament times. A concubine
was a secondary wife of inferior legal status with the children being

David's wives would be taken by others and lain with in sight of all Israel.
Household results were murder, incest and rebellion. Amnon, David's firstborn,
raped his half-sister Tamar. Absalom killed Amnon in revenge; Tamar was
destitute. Absalom took David's wives in the sight of Israel, and much more
evil happened in David's house. In II Sam. 14-15, Absalom was very rebellious
to his parents, planned to take the throne and to kill his father.

Let's look at David's first six sons: Amnon raped Tamar and then was murdered
by Absalom. Of the second, Chileab, fifth, Sephatiah and sixth, Itham, no
mention is made. Third, Absalom, was rebellious, murderer, attempted murder of
father, and was murdered himself. Fourth, Adonijah, plotted and attempted to
take David's throne when David had his last illness. These sons had total
disregard for God's house.

(Do you have a sword hanging over your family of adultery, murder, abortion,
incest, bastard or other sexual sins?)

Young People
If things severely pressure you. If you have tendency to perversions or
violence, agitating passion, moral conflict, and craving or covetousness,
perhaps the bastard curse is on you. Does crime fascinate you, are you
excessively self conscious, are you ashamed for people to look at you even when
you don't know why, have an unusual desire to please peers and adults, fear of
not being accepted by God, sell yourself for nothing, don't respect yourself,
don't trust and obey God or parents, deviate from God's moral code, and have no
joy and are double-minded?

Where does true joy come from? Only a clear pure heart can have true joy.
This joy abides through trouble. All other joy is either partial or

If you have the same problems as the young people, including the inability to
love, guide and lead your children into a Godly life, you also may have the
bastard's curse or you may have started it.

Each time a bastard is created, whether it comes to birth or is aborted, ten
generations of bondage is started. Ten generations of ancestors is 2016 people
that can affect you in ten-generation curse. When you and your mate conceive a
bastard, there is no way to calculate how many people will be affected. The
example will be given of the Jukes Family which affected 1200 people in six

Earline learned to research demonic names and practices. This exposes a lot of
what is wrong with Christian traditions. Read and study these scriptures: Num.
22-31, Rom. 1:18-32, Rev. 2:4, and I Cor. 6:15-16. See Strong's Concordance
(everyone should have a copy) under Ashtoreth, Ashtaroth, Queen of Heaven, and
Tammuz. If you look these names up in Biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias,
as well as secular dictionaries and encyclopedias, you will see that all forms
of deviate and demonic sexual behavior is the basis of their worship. As we
engage in these sexual acts, we are worshiping Satan (Earline's revelation).
Whether we realize we are worshiping Satan or not does not make any difference
in the consequences. As it is very difficult for people to leave their
religions, so it is hard for people to give up immoral sex acts once they have
engaged in them.

Repentance and forgiveness are absolute necessities. We must see this sin as
God sees it. For worshipping other gods (idols), only three to four
generations are cursed; but for conceiving a bastard - ten generations. A Bible
generation is forty years; this curse runs 400 years if no one repeats it after
the first occurrence. Next, we must break the curse of the bastard and call
out the demons. After this is done, we must renew and discipline our mind and

Jesus became accursed for us. We have the privilege of breaking this curse,
obtaining our family's freedom and living Godly lives that will not profane God
before the heathen. We are looking to obtain a harvest of righteousness in
James 3:17-18, not a harvest of curses.

Deliverance Manual by Gene and Earline Moody