First go through Basic Deliverance. Then go through Main List of Sexual Demons.
Finally, go through the remaining lists of demons as needed.

Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive those who have rejected me, been bitter against me
and have rebelled against me. Please forgive me for rejection, bitterness and
rebellion against others and God. In Jesus Name I pray. I now command the
families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion to come out of me as your name
is called:

Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion
Rejection: Fear of Rejection, Self Rejection; Bitterness: Resentment, Hatred,
Unforgiveness, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation, Murder; and Rebellion:
Self Will, Stubbornness, Disobedience, Anti-Submissiveness and all other
related demons and their works.

We command the spirits to come out of the conscious, subconscious and
unconscious minds as the name of your family is called:

Demonic Soul Ties and Fragmented Soul
Unnaturally Close Friendships, Blood Covenants, Covenants, Promises,

Sexual Lust
Inordinate Affections: Excessive, Disorderly, Unregulated, Immoderate
Obscene: Carnal and Voluptuous Senses and Appetites
Rock, Country, Blue Grass, Melancholy Music
Poetry, Art, Literature and Media
Lust, Passions, Fantasy Lust
Worship of Sex
Divers Lusts, Lust of Eyes, Lust of Flesh
Vain Imaginations
Unrestrained Passions and Lusts
Material Lust
Food Lust
Sex Dreams
Burning with Lust

Selfishness, Lovers of Pleasure, Loss of Self Confidence
Self: Conceit, Protection, Pity, Reward, Awareness, Condemnation, Hatred,
Gratification, Other spirits in the Self Family

Sex With Demons
Succubus, Incubus, Fondling Hands, Caressing Hot Lips, Occult Sex, Sex Orgies
Satan Worship

Pornography, Child Pornography, X-Rated Movies, Obscene Jokes, Pornographic
Channels, Pictures and Books

General Sexual
Adultery (Also Marriage To Divorced Person)
Masculine Women, Lesbianism
Effeminate Men, Homosexuality
Evil Concupiscence
Lasciviousness, Lewdness, Lewd Emotions
Filthy Language: Obscenity, Blasphemy, Profanity
Abortion, Murder, Killing, Death
Ahab, Jezebel
Exposure, Uncleanness, Perversion
Pride, Ego, Vanity
Sexual Fantasies and Activities, Flirting
Nymphomania, Masochism
Immorality, Prostitution, Harlotry, Whore, Whoredom
Incest, Bastard
Rape, Fondling, Voyeurism
Bad Dreams, Bestiality
Heterosexuality, Deviation, Depravity
Frigidity, Impotence
Rage, Fear, Anxiety, Debilitating Guilt, Menopause
Manic Depression, Schizophrenia, Exhibitionism, Dementia
Domination, Control, Promiscuity
Shame, Insecurity, Hurt, Victim, Suicide
Cruelty, Hardness, Hate, Harshness, Unscrupulousness
Insanity, Degenerate Mind, Carnal Mind
Distrust, Lost Respect for Mate, Deceit
Enmity Towards God, Works of Darkness, Mockery
Spiritually Dwarfed Manhood and Womanhood
Defiled, Degraded, Violated
Sexual Bargaining, Married Prostitute and Pimp
Fear of Homosexuality and Lesbianism
Love of Sex, Power and Money
Child and Adult Sexual Molestation
Abnormal and Deviate Sex and Impurities
Depraved Manners, Morals and Character
Subliminal Messages, Sub-audio Suggestions
Alcohol and Drugs
Ignorance, Irresponsibility, Boredom
Doubt, Condemnation, Pressure
Lewdness, Uncleanness, Sexual Liberty
Whore, Prostitute, Harlot, Sex Slave
Enviousness, Jealousy, Cheating
Deficient Thinking
Evil Companionship and Conversation
Useless, Putrid
Lack of Concern, Indifference
Paraphiliac, Rape, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Fetish Objects
Debilitating Guilt
Abusers of themselves with mankind: Catamites, Arsenokoites and Sodomites; Oral
and Anal Sex and all other related demonic families of sexual sins and diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Related Venereal Diseases: Insanity, Endocarditis, Staggering Gait, Weil's
Disease, Soft Chancroid, Heart Disease, Granuloma Inguinal, Ulcerative Lesions,
Yaws, Bejel, Mumps, Pinta, Venereal Lympogranuloma, Relapsing Fever, Tropical
Ulcer, Rat-Bite Fever
Gonorrhea: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Blindness, Oral and Anal Sex, Anal
Gonorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Chlamydia: Urethritis, Cervicitis, Epididymitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease,
Conjunctivitis, Sterility, Nonspecific Urethritis, Rectal Infections,
Genital Warts: Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV), Cervical Cancer, Penile Warts
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: AIDS, HIV, ARC, PCP, Pneumonia,
Meningitis, Herpes Simplex, Intravenous Drug Users, Addicts, Hemophilia,
Homosexual and Bisexual Men and Sex Partners, Blood Transfusions, Candidiasis,
Viral Infections, Kaposi's Sarcoma
Syphilis: Homosexual and Bisexual Men and Sex Partners, Heteroxexuals, Chancre
(Shanker), Paralysis, Senility, Blindness, Congenital Syphilis
Genital Herpes: Cervical Cancer, Prostatic Cancer
Vaginitis: Fungal Vaginitis, Hemophilus, Gardnerella
Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Body Lice and Mites, Vaginal and Urinary
Tract Infections
Hepatitis: Viral Hepatitis, Homosexuality, Liver Cancer
Intestinal Parasites: Spirochetal Infections

Sexual Dysfunctions and Injuries
Premature Ejaculation, Impotence, Retarded Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction,
Anorgasmia, Dyspareunia, Prolapse, Endometriosis, Ovarian Tumors, Vaginisumus,
Accidents, Structural Damage, Deformities, Hormonal Abnormality

Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me for being a sexual partner with AIDS. I
forgive anyone that would have infected me with AIDS in the following
categories: anyone who has ever injected narcotics or non-prescribed drugs; any
male who has ever had sex with another male; anyone who has ever engaged in sex
for money or drugs; and anyone who has had sexual contact with a prostitute. I
ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Master and Savior. I command the
following spirits to manifest and come out of me as you name is called:

List of Spirits
Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transvestite, Gay,
Lesbian, Masturbation, Bisexuality, Prostitution, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism,
Fetishism, Sexual Fetishism, Zoophilia, Sexual Sadism, Sexual Masochism,
Necrophilia, Klismaphilia, Lewdness, Telephone Scatologia, Urophilia,
Apotemnophilia, Coprophilia, Coprophagia, Pedophilia, Toucheurism, Frotteurism,
Sexual Asphyxia, Rape, Gerontophilia, Pyromania, Bestiality, Air Embolism,
Aspiration of Semen
Associated Demons
Buggery / Anal Intercourse
Occasional / Exploratory Homosexual
Situational / Deprivation Homosexual
Facultative / Latent Homosexual
Peer / Compulsive Homosexual
Bondage, Flagellation, Weapon Worship, Going in Drag, Fairy Hawk, Fairy Flats,
Dream Boat, Dirt, Gay Dirt, Dykes, Butch, Ma'chis'mo and all other related
demons and their works.

Dear Father in Heaven, we have read and learned today that there are curses
that fall on individuals, families, races and on nations for the sin of
shedding innocent blood. Learning that this is a curse that travels down the
family line, I have no way of knowing what has gone on before me. I do now ask
for forgiveness for myself and those before me who may have sinned against you
and others by shedding innocent blood. We have greatly erred in shedding
innocent blood in the United States, Lord forgive us this terrible sin and
redeem us from quilt and cleanse the land.

Father, I repent of having become involved in acts that show worship and
obedience to the Devil and his demons. I repent of all occult acts: worship,
drugs, sex, thievery, murder, etc. I break all soul ties with others that I
practiced these acts with. I do this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.

Father, because you have given us power over all the power of the Devil, I
break this curse of shedding innocent blood off of my family and my
descendents in the name of Jesus Christ. I also break curses of idol worship,
Satanism, illicit sex in Jesus name.

Father, You have said that if I call on the name of the Lord I can be
delivered. I do now call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to set me free.
I thank you Jesus for all you have done for me. I commit my life to you in a
greater way today than I have before. Please instruct me and help me to correct
my life and bring it into subjection to You. God, please forgive us for
abortion, murder, killing and shedding innocent blood and being in agreement
with these evil deeds. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, God's
son. Amen.

List of Spirits
We come against all demons associated with shedding innocent blood, murder of
innocent people, and sacrificing children to demons and idols of sex: anger,
sadness, dejection, rage, hate, envy, jealousy, pretense, falseness, bribery,
lying, killing, rebellion, Jezebel and Ahab, greed, pride, cursing, deceit,
fraud, oppression, Baal and other sexual idols, lust, combination of occult,
illicit drugs and sex, seeking forbidden knowledge, burning incense, worship of
sex, terror, cowardliness, idolatry, witchcraft, thievery, murder, Satanism,
Asmodeous and all other marriage breaking spirits, and all other related demon

(Deliverance For The Subconscious Mind)
Break inheritance from ancestors' sins that would give demons the right to be
in the subconscious mind. These include idol worship (Masons, occult, cults,
Catholic, etc.), sexual sins (bastards, incest, adultery, homosexuality, etc.)
and ungodly attitudes of the parents. Break Biblical curses relating to sexual
impurity and ungodly soul ties with any person they have had sex with
including animals. Call out the Spirits of Abuse (demon spirits that went in
from the abuser). Call out the Victim Spirit (spirit that advertises to be

List of Spirits
beating discontent covetousness lethargy
skepticism dejection stealing compromise
guilt hopelessness kleptomania sexual impurity
harassment suicide depression incoherence
destruction death (welcome fantasy) pride fighting
pouting morbidity greed torment
cursing heaviness criticism despair
berating gloom intolerance ego
inferiority false burdens irritability harlotry
lonely worry competition despondency
timid and shy dread driving fear of authority
inadequacy apprehension argument rape
ineptness nervousness grief disgust
suspicion excitement sorrow lying and deceit
jealousy schizophrenia heartache (for protection)
spite mental illness heartbreak exposure
unbelief retarded crying (for con- discouraged
cruelty madness trol of others) frigidity
contention manic depressive sadness defeated
daydreaming paranoia laziness pretense
fantasy unfairness death murder
distrust fear of judgement cursing sadism
pretension fear of condemnation gossip backbiting
unreality fear of accusation mockery hyperactive
escape fear of reproof belittling driving
indifference sensitiveness railing no peace
stoicism hallucinations idleness aggravated
passivity nightmares indecision procrastination
sleepiness confusion listlessness funk
incest frustration doubt forgetfulness

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you now confessing all my sins (name them to
the Lord quietly). I confess that I have sinned against You, others and myself.
I had brought shame on your name by being lazy, ignorant and disobedient to
your word. I have wanted all your blessings without complying to your
principals. I know that the blood of Jesus Christ is for my cleansing from
these sins. With your help I will begin right now to learn, and aggressively
change my way of thinking and acting. I repent of all my desires for soft,
easy, lazy living.

Others were involved with me in some of these sins and I now break soul ties
with them. I break soul ties with these people (name them to God) with whom I
have engaged in sexual vices. I also break soul ties I have made with groups
that condone such actions and attitudes. I break ties with all false religions
I have been in or approved of, and with movements such as the New Age Movement.
I confess that I have been willingly deceived and have deceived others. I have
used others for my gain. I repent of all this sin. I repent of not valuing Your
Word, principals and plan for my life.

I repent of having in my possession cursed objects. I will destroy those
belonging to me. I break soul ties with anyone who has dominated me. I release
those that I have tried to dominate.

Because Jesus became accursed for us we are given the opportunity to break
curses and free ourselves from their effects. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I
break these curses: being a willing deceiver, disobedient to the Lord's
commandants, idolatry, owner's of cursed objects, house of wicked, not giving
to poor, lightly esteeming parents, makers of graven images, cheating to gain
property, incest, adultery, slaying the innocent for money, bestially,
homosexuals-male/female, bastards, witchcraft, those who attempt to turn anyone
away from God, followers of horoscopes, failure to discipline children, abuse
of children, liars, the carnal minded, sodomy, rebellion, rebellious children,
nonproductivity, fugitive, vagabond, those who hate, Ahab and Jezebel, cursing
parents, pride and any others in the families of effeminacy and sodomy.

I no longer will serve these demon spirits. I am a believer and I cast out
these demons residing in my body in the Name of Jesus Christ my Saviour. Amen.

List of Effeminacy Spirits
Subdued Effeminacy Unable to Endure
Gossip Softness (in bad sense) Hardship/Privation
Incest Womanish Dull
Uncontrolled Passions Voluptuous Decline in Force
Criticism Delicate and Quality
Defiled Decadent Declining Morals
Pride of Life Unmanly Deterioration
Gentleness (in bad sense) Destruction Uncleanness
Weakness Death Adultery
Rage Unreasonable Fondness Rottenness
Degenerate Mind Debility Lacking Quality and
Unscrupulous Failure Intensity
Harshness Foible Impaired
Abortion / Murder Feebleness Corrupt
Suicide Victim Debilitating Guilt
Shame Folly Debased
Cursing Frailty Uncleanness
Overeating Explosiveness Distrust
Demonic Domination Deprived of Manly Qualities Impotent
Impure Thoughts and Actions Emasculated Passivity
Oversexed Not Vigorous Undisciplined
Flirtatious Immorality Unregulated
Haughty Disorderly Immoderate
Carnal Minded Pride/Ego/Vanity Insecurity
Sexual Impurity Incest Automatic Failure
Uncleanness Fondling Dirty Old Man
Fornication Rape Creating Bastards
Unnatural Lewdness Filthy Language Fondling
Under Sexed Lewd Emotions Rape

Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive me for committing incest. Forgive me for
being critical of and hating those who belong to God, are in authority over me,
forced me into incest, and the sex of the rapist. Please help me with fear of
adults, inability to work alone, having trouble with people in authority, not
respecting others, no joy in life, and hopelessness about the future. I forgive
my ancestors for their incest and I forgive the person who committed incest on
me. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Master and Savior. I now
break the ten generation curse of incest and command the following spirits to
manifest and come out of me in The Name of Jesus Christ:

List of Demons
Fear, Drunkenness, Ammonite and Moabite spirits, Degradation, Uncleanliness,
Degenerate, Hate, Retaliation, Criticalness, Judgementalism, Confusion,
Frustration, Self Accusation, Embarrassment, Jealousy, Guilt, Shame, Evil
Works, Distrust, Contempt, Fragmented Mind, Ludeness, Lack of Self Respect, No
Joy, Hopelessness, and other related families of spirits.

Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive my ancestors for creating bastards, and committing
incest and sexual sins. Please forgive me for the same sins. I break the curses
of the bastard, incest and sexual sins on me and my descendents. I break soul
ties from being a bastard and having incest committed on me. I ask that my
fragmented soul be restored. I break unnaturally close friendships, blood
covenants, pacts, covenants, promises and allegiances. I ask this in the Name
of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Master and Savior. I command the following spirits of
sexual sins and diseases to manifest and come out of me in the Name of Jesus

I forgive those who have abused me by rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.
May God bless them with all spiritual blessings, especially salvation, bring
them into all truth and meet all of their needs out of His Riches in Glory
through Christ Jesus. In Jesus Name I pray. I command the following spirits to
leave me now.

List of Spirits
The following are characteristics that those that have been raped or molested
may have: Rape, Incest, Attempted Rape, Fondling, Helplessness, Embarrassment,
Guilt, Rage, Shame, Devastation, Vulnerability, Confusion, Violence, Trauma,
Frustration, Humiliation, Withdrawal, Numbness, Loss of Emotions, Revenge,
Pain, Sorrow, Depression, Sleeplessness, Overeating, Starving, Loss of Trust,
Flashbacks, Can't Look At Men, Paralysis, Stress, Lack of Sexual Desire,
Powerlessness, Victim, Fantasies, Deadness, Craziness, Loss of Sexual Identity,
Dirtiness, Sullied, Ruined, Spoiled, Abandonment, Loss of Sexual Identity,
Avoidance, Dissociation, Multiple Personality Disorder, Brutality, Domination,
Loss of Control, Shock, Disbelief, Escapism, Loss of Appetite, Rape Trauma
Syndrome, Disorientation, Denial, Nervousness, Tension, Nausea, Bed-wetting,
Murder, Killing, Pressure, Repulsion, Upset, Violated, Degraded, Threatened,
Accusation, Judgementalism, Blame, Infidelity, Promiscuity, Crying,
Inferiority, Worthlessness, Loss of Control, Fellatio, Anal Sodomy and all
other related demons and their works.

Fears: Fear of Touch of Men, Fear of Breaking Glass, Fear of Bedroom, Fear of
Elevators, Fear of Death, Fear of Sex, Fear of Parking Lots, Fear of Sudden
Awakening, Fear of Ski Masks, Fear of Death, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of
Crowds, Fear of Diseases, Fear for Safety, Fear of Being Killed
Terror, Horror, Anxiety, Phobias, Panic, Fright, Nightmares

Major Effects
Emotional Shock, Disbelief, Embarrassment, Shame, Guilt, Depression,
Powerlessness, Disorientation, Retriggering, Denial, Fear, Anxiety and Anger.

List of Spirits
The following are characteristics of sexual harassment - abuse - assault -
violence: sexual harassment, embarrassment, sexual abuse, emotional distress,
fear of specific persons, regression, bed-wetting, thumb sucking, pain, short
attention span, withdrawal, escape, substance abuse, nightmares, fear of going
to bed, fear of sleeping alone, irritability, temper tantrums, loss of
interest, injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, forcible sexual activity,
sexual contact, rape, fondling, incest, molestation, exhibitionism, sodomy,
pornography, prostitution, seductive behavior, indecent exposure, sexual
touching, game playing, oral sex, anal sex, tay sacks, spinal bifida, downs
syndrome, mental retardation, emotional diseases, sexual assault, attempted
rape, distrust, sexual intimidation, battery, murder, victim, helplessness,
loss of control, domination, control, domestic physical abuse, slavery,
trapped, despair and all other related demons and their works.

Father, I pray that you would forgive me of sex with demons, rape, fornication,
adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, or anything else that would cause me to
have a soul tie through demonic sex. Forgive me for having demonic objects in
my home or office, and for having demonic ties to them. I forgive those who
would try to control me through witchcraft, parental control after marriage,
control by church leaders, or anyone who would try to control my God given
freewill. Forgive me for trying to control others. Forgive me for making
covenants and brotherhoods, for taking oaths binding me to others, and for any
unholy allegiance. Forgive me for cursing myself, family, church, nation and

Father, thank you for godly soul ties and my covenant with you. Please
strengthen Your System in my life. Help me to cleanse my soul and body, and
have a right spirit. Give me spiritual strength, might and force to do your

We break demonic ties to parents; religions and religious leaders; tradition
and cursed objects; the dead; races, colors and creeds; doctors and hospitals;
and self. We now break all ungodly soul ties to humans; demonic ties to objects
or animals; curses, bondage, witchcraft, bands, and yokes. I ask these things
in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Master and Savior. I now command all
demons that came in with these ties and curses to leave me in Jesus Name:

List of Spirits
spirits of abused children, Ahab and Jezebel, effeminacy, bastard and incest,
religious spirits, charismatic witchcraft, lies and lying, addictions and
compulsions, fear and paranoia, drunkenness and gluttony, occult, witchcraft
and Satan worship, vengeance, schizophrenia, hate, envy and strife, incubus and
succubus, fornication, rape, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, prostitution,
whoring, blood brothers, harlotry, death, great curse, works of the law,
familiar spirits, wizards, bands of Orion, snares and nets, mockers, divorce,
immorality, violence, alcoholism, murder, suicide, marijuana, cocaine,
premarital sex, sexual diseases, mental disorders, obesity, fatness, demonic
pain in menstruation, nicotine, unbalanced teaching, tied up, bound up, in
chains and fetters, tied to others, weighed down, under pressure, unusual
attraction, repulsion, strife, Voodoo, gigolo, sexual dreams and nightmares,
sodomy, ungodly attraction for animals, white witchcraft, black witchcraft,
warlock, dictatorial, fortune teller, mediums, bands, bonds, fetters, cords,
ropes, covenants, brotherhoods, twisted, noose, ruin, destruction, pain, pang,
snare, sorrow, Masonic Lodge, demonic miracles, domineering, false religions,
ties to worldly systems, and all other related demons and their works.

Prayer for Men
Lord, I forgive my wife for problems in my life caused by the changes in her
life. I ask that she forgive me for problems in her life caused by the changes
in my life. Forgive me for lusting after other women and other sexual sins I
have committed. Protect me from the whorish woman. Please restore me from the
effects of sexual sin. I forgive Adam and Eve for the original sin and cursing
mankind. Forgive me for having wrong feelings for my wife due to difficulty in
having intercourse. Please heal my body so that I can have normal intercourse
during my lifetime. I forgive my wife for excuses for not having sex. In Jesus
Name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Women
Lord, I forgive my husband for problems in my life caused by the changes in his
life. I ask that he forgive me for problems in his life caused by the changes
in my life. Forgive me for lusting after other men and other sexual sins I have
committed. Protect me from the whoremongering man. Please restore me from the
effects of sexual sin. Forgive me for being double minded. I forgive Adam and
Eve for the original sin and cursing woman kind. Forgive me for having wrong
feelings for my husband due to difficulty in having intercourse. Please heal my
body so that I can have normal intercourse during my lifetime. I forgive my
husband for the pain of having sex. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

Menopause Spirits
Failure of pituitary gland, vasomotor instability, nervousness, hot flashes,
chills, excitability, fatigue, apathy, mental depression, abnormal crying,
insomnia, palpitation, vertigo, headache, numbness, tingling, myalgia, urinary
incontinence, gastrointestinal disorders, hot flushes, breast tumors,
thromboembolic disease, acute liver disease, osteoporosis, coronary disease,
cancer of uterus and cervix, castration, x-ray irridiation, radium implantation
of uterus, climacteric.

Menstruation Spirits
Vicarious menstruation; uterine hemorrhage; endocrine disturbances: pituitary
gland, thyroid, and ovary; general systemic diseases: hypertension, diabetes
melitius, blood dyscrasias, chronic nephritis; malpositions of the uterus:
retroversion and retroflexion; new growths of the uterus: particularly fibroids
of the uterus with hyperplastic changes of the endometrium; conditions of the
cervix uteri: erosions or polypi; inflammations in the pelvis: acute
salpingitis, acute metritis, acute endometritis, chronic metritis, and
endometritis; painful menstruation or pelvic pain; prolonged menstruation;
abnormal menstruation; damage by birth control pills or intrauterine device;
epileptic convulsions; menstrual extraction; fertility control; congential
abnormalities; physical disorders: disease, obesity, malnutrition; emotional or
hormonal disturbances; diseases of ovaries, hypophysis, thyroid, or adrenal
glands; menstrual irregularities: absence of flow, scanty flow, painful
menstruation, excessive loss of blood, spotting; anovulatory; retrograde;
suppressed; vicarious.

Other Related Spirits
Hard heartedness, premature baldness, hardness of face, whore's forehead,
whoremonger's forehead, stress, hypertension, demonic baldness, indecent
clothing, exhibitionism, adultery, fornication, separation, divorce, worship of
sex, premature aging, sicknesses, diseases, rough sex, masturbation,
pornography, sexual fantasy, sexual carnality, unnatural menstruation, female
problems, many sexual partners and all other related demons and their works.

Deliverance Manual by Gene and Earline Moody