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Caribbean Witchcraft is in the southern states and moving

inland. If you have African, Spanish or French ancestry,

Caribbean Witchcraft may have affected you. I have tried to

separate Caribbean Witchcraft from other more common types

of witchcraft.

I was asked to minister on Caribbean Witchcraft. It was new

to me so I researched it by reading books and talking to

people who were involved in deliverance. This is the result

of that research and credit is given to the sources of

information: see References in the back.


Noteworthy is the fact that in every country or nation in

which these forms of witchcraft are practiced, the nations

are in poverty and oppression (spiritual, physical,

political), and the people are demonically oppressed or even

demonized. They are often naked, and have great need and

lack because they are cut off from God and His ways.

An example would be the Caribbean witchcraft, spirits such

as those of Cuban Santeria, where the gods such as San

Lazarro (Saint Lazarus) and Santa Barbara (Saint Barbara)

are Christianized cover-ups for African nature spirits

worshipped by slaves brought from Africa to Cuba and other

areas of the Caribbean and South America.

Other examples of such witchcraft are that of the practice

of Macumba of Brazil, Obeah of Jamaica, and the Voodoo of



Paul Fernandez states that there is a parallel between:

Macumba (Portuguese), Voodoo (French) and Santeria

(Spanish). This is because of the different languages in the

countries. Creole in New Orleans is associated with Voodoo.

This is a result of the mixing of religious traditions of

the French, Spanish and African migrants into that area.


Rex Shanks shares about his experiences in the Caribbean

(Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad) relative to witchcraft and

voodoo. It is said that the main thing voodooism spirits do

is to figure out who is in charge. Then they try to stop the

leader so that the meetings cannot be held. You are fighting

a real enemy, the Devil.

Once, he encountered one of the worst voodooism forces; they

said if it had hit him, it would have killed him. Another

time, he jumped a small stream, something hit him from

behind, pushed his face into the mud, and he could not move.

Another time, he saw a form about 8' to 9' tall, 20' wide

and 1' to 2' thick. It hit him and forced his foot into the

frame of the bridge, breaking his leg. Another time,

something closed his throat so that he could not speak

outloud. Another time, he saw about 15 to 20 snake spirits

wrapped around the chest of a pastor. Another time, he saw

snakes tied around a husband's waist. He saw darts sticking

out of his wife's body.



Voodoo (from voiding meaning spirit) is a folk religion of

Haiti, consisting of a mixture of African witchcraft and

elements from other religions and cults, including Roman

Catholicism and Spiritism.

Initially Voodoo came to the Western Hemisphere over 200

years ago when the first African slaves were sold in the

West Indies. From there it was introduced into the United

States, resulting in heavy concentrations of Voodoo

Worshipers in the South, especially in New Orleans.

The Africans brought with them their religious beliefs and

practices, which were in turn modified by indigenous

concepts, by Roman Catholicism and Spiritism, as well as by

other religious traditions and superstitions. Voodoo (often

called Hoodoo by African descendants) is still practiced in

many places in the world today, such as Haiti, South

America, Africa, Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba, and in the United

States, especially in the South and in Harlem, or wherever

there are heavy concentrations of African descendents. In

many cities today (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston,

New Orleans) one can purchase a wide assortment of

witchcraft and voodoo supplies, including such things as

hexing dolls, ingredients for casting magic spells, black

candles, and charm powders. Just a few years ago in Arizona,

a woman under a voodoo spell was arrested for shooting her

husband. The reports of revenge killings, strange illnesses,

accidents, injuries, curses, and other atrocities committed

by Voodoo cults against their enemies are quite well known.

As history shows, the slaves were generally oppressed and

had few liberties; Voodoo worship and ritual, therefore,

became an outlet for their frustrations. Since the rites

were secret, it was also a means of gaining a measure of

freedom by participation with other slaves in something from

which the white man was excluded. Membership in the cult

also afforded one protection against the black magic of

others, as well as access to magical charms and remedies in

case of illness or injury.

The voodoo religion consists primarily of the worship of

ancestors and a complicated hierarchy of gods who, according

to Voodoo beliefs, seek to manifest themselves by taking

possession of their Worshipers during their frenzied

dances. This amalgamation of ancestral spirits and deities

is known collectively as loa. During their ceremonies as

they drink and dance wildly, the participants fall into a

trance and supposedly become possessed by these spirits

(which are actually demons). In this state the possessing

spirit may manifest itself and begin to speak, sing, or

curse, as well as offer advice, or cure the sick.

Although Voodoo ceremonies vary somewhat from place to

place, they are all essentially the same. They are presided

over by a priest or priestess who leads the rituals, which

include singing and dancing to the sensuous beat of drum

rhythms, thus invoking the presence of the spirits. There

are ritual offerings of food, and the blood offerings of

animals or fowls. As the music, drink, and dances begin to

take effect, one after another of the participants begin to

fall into a state of trance as the demons (impersonating

ancestors or gods) begin to take possession of their

devotees, who then take on the characteristics of the god or

deceased ancestor.

The Voodoo cults practice both white and black magic, and

engage in various forms of Spiritism and occultism

(mediumistic trance, divination, magic charming, etc.) There

are magic rituals designed for the successful performance of

practically any purpose desired from inflicting injury or

death upon an enemy to bringing good luck in marriage, or

success in one's business.

The figure of the zombie, which was imported from Africa, is

the Voodoo belief that a corpse can be reanimated by a

spirit who can then be made to obey mechanically the wishes

of the Voodoo priest. One of the most curious aspects of

voodooism is the incorporation into its rites of portions of

Catholic rituals, prayers, liturgies, and the reverence of

the saints. Most Voodoo services to honor the loa are

conducted by priests before an altar covered with candles

and surrounded with the pictures and statues of the saints,

amid hymns addressed to them and to the Virgin Mary.


Black Mass

In Haiti, the high priest drinks the blood of children at

the annual festival. In the Macumba groups in Brazil, the

same thing is done at the initiation of a Mae de Santo (cult


Queen of Darkness - Queen of Black Witches

The leaders of this cult still practice child sacrifice, and

occasionally even sacrifice adults, in connection with

cannibalism. There are cult mothers of the spiritist Macumba

cult. Haiti is the home of voodoo, a mixture of black magic

and criminal spiritism. Here a Queen of Darkness is chosen

each year, one of whose duties is to perform the fourteen-

day child sacrifice. Practices of the Queens include devil

worship, high priestesses, black witches, exhuming fresh

graves, Satanists, insanity, dancing in the nude, sex

orgies, lesbianism, homosexuality, sadistic and masochistic

excesses, levitation, killing birds in flight, making

objects appear and disappear, apport or demonstration of

powers, and walking through a great bonfire. (New Orleans

has a Queen of Black Witches.)


(Do you think vampirism is going on today?) Vampirism is

practiced by Satanists and those who have sold themselves to

the Devil with their blood, by the Macumba people, and by

those who practice voodoo. These people torture their fellow

humans, especially children, sucking their blood or drinking

it as part of a ritual, or in the celebration of the black

mass. This includes spiritism, demon cult, and demon

marriage with incubus or succuba.

Conquest of the Mighty

Some of the strongest forms of spiritism and magic are found

among the Macumba groups in South America, Voodoo in Haiti,

the Zombis in Africa and Asia, and the Shamans of Siberia

and Alaska.

Roman Catholic Church

Many witches have sought out the Roman priesthood as part of

their magical development. Totally Pagan magical religions

like Voodoo, Macumba and Santeria can effortlessly blend

African gods and goddesses like Erzulie within Catholic

devotions to Mary.

Rock Music

Many of the Rock giants of the past have acknowledged the

influence of voodoo (which is an African / Catholic hybrid

religion from Haiti), juju and Obeah (African magic) in

their music.



Creole is the result of the intermixing of the African,

French and Spanish races. (We have Creole people in



A body of primitive rites and practices, based on a belief

in sorcery and in the power of charms, fetishes, etc., found

among natives of the West Indies and in the southern United

States, and ultimately of African origin.


Procedures For Renouncing Strongmen From Various Cults


1. The Egyptian Magic Current then emigrated to the French

colonies in the New World, where it joined with African

Obeah and French Catholicism to produce Voodoo.

2. Voodoo is one of the most dangerous and perverted forms

of witchcraft, involving demonic possession, drunkenness,

necromancy and bestiality. Underneath its apparently

primitive facade is a terrible and sophisticated system of

magickal machinery involving the entrance into alien

universes and the surrender of yourself to satanic

possession of the worst kind.

3. It's the most powerful form of black magic and probably

the most shameless.


Characteristics Of The Most Important Deities Of Santeria

Sequence of Description: Santo - Function/Power - Specific

Punishment Inflicted - Christian Syncretism - Necklace -

Symbols/Depiction - Propitiation

1. Elegua: Trickster, controls crossroads and gates. Christ

Child, St. Anthony of Padua, Holy Guardian Angel. Red and

black beads. Clay image with eyes, nose and mouth of cowrie

shells. Blood of decapitated black rooster, rum, smoked

possum, corn.

2.Obatala: Father of the santos, source of energy, wisdom,

purity and peace. Blindness, paralysis and birth

deformities. Our Lady of Mercy, Holy Eucharist. White beads.

The pearl, all white things, white clothes. Female white

pigeons, white canaries.

3. Shango: Controls thunder, lightning and fire; warrior

deity. Death, suicide by fire. Saint Barbara. Red and white

beads. The sword, double-edged axe. Lambs, goats, red

roosters, apples and bananas.

4. Oshun: Controls money and love, makes marriages, protects

genitals. Abdominal distress, social and domestic strife.

Our Lady of Charity. White and yellow beads. Gold, copper,

mirrors and seashells; water from the river. Yellow hens,

sows, female goat and honey.

5. Yemaya: Primordial mother of the santos, protects

womanhood, owns seas. Respiratory distress. Our Lady of

Regla. White and blue beads. Virgin Mary as black woman

holding white Christ Child. Ducks, water-melons, female


6. Babaluaye: Patron of the sick, especially diseases.

Leprosy, gangrene and all skin diseases. Saint Lazarus.

White and purple beads. Old man on crutches accompanied by

dogs. Cigars, pennies, glasses of water.

7. Ogun: Warrior deity, owns all metals and weapons. Violent

death (e.g. vehicular crash). Saint Peter. Black and green

beads. Metal necklace with 10-12 pendants of agricultural

tools. Blood and feathers, roosters, the steel knife,

railroad ties.

8. Orunla: Patron of diviners, owns the lfa Table and the

cowries. Saint Francis of Assisi. Green and yellow beads.

Water from the springs, the lfa Table (divination board).

White wine, prunes.



The names for races and cultures have changed through the

years. Negro has become African American, then Afro

American, and then Black American or Black. Spanish has

become Latin Oriented, then Latin American, then Hispanic.



I am going to read Breaking the Willie Lynch Curse which was

provided by .

This is very powerful and apparently was inspired by Satan

and his demons. You can see these characteristics in the

Black Race of people today. This could be the very reason

why so many are on welfare today. The curse must be broken

off your blood line.


Today with the use of drugs, fear, distrust, envy and

murders, we can see the effects of these terrible curses.

The Lord gave the revelation of the Willie Lynch curse to a

friend of ours. After breaking this curse, she felt a

release. Others have commented that they too have felt a

release from this curse.

Let's Make A Slave - The Origin and Development

of a Social Being Called The Negro

This book written by William Lynch outlined the methods that

he had used to control the slaves he owned. These methods

placed many curses on the Black Race, even keeping them in

bondage today. He also told the people to have their white

servants and their overseers to distrust all Blacks.

Quote by Willie Lynch

In my bag here, I have a fool proof method for controlling

your Black slaves. I guarantee everyone of you that, if

installed correctly, it will control the salves for at least

three hundred years.


William Lynch was a white slave owner, who reportedly made a

speech on the banks of the James River in 1712. In this

speech, Lynch spoke of having methods to control slaves.

These methods could have only come from Satan himself. Lynch

used fear, distrust, envy and beatings. He even went as far

as murdering the males in front of the women and children in

order to control the minds of the slaves.

He went on to say that the slave, after receiving this

indoctrination, would carry on the practice. It would become

self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years,

maybe even thousands. He told them that by killing the

protective male image, it would throw the females into a

frozen psychological state of independency. This would

result in her raising her offspring into reverse positions.

The female offspring would be taught to be like herself,

independent and negotiable. The male offspring would be

raised to be mentally dependent and weak. He said that the

owners were to cause the young men, old men and the females

to distrust each other. However, make the slaves trust and

depend on the owners and their families.


The term lynching is said to have come from this man. He

apparently would lynch slaves as a means to control other

slaves. There is still some vigilante action in the world

today taken primarily against the Black Race by the White

Race. There is a fear of the Black Race of being lynched by

White People.

The term lynching can also be applied without hanging. It

can be used for unjust treatment of the Black Race in their

personal lives, their ministry lives and in their business

lives. They are essentially "lynched" out of what is

rightfully theirs.

Lesson on Deliverance for the Black Race

We have ministered to Blacks, in church and in our home,

over the years of our ministry. This is a partial lesson

about how to minister to the Black Race that has bondage

that originates in Africa.


Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive Willie Lynch and all those

involved in slave trade and slave use throughout time

whether in the Black or White Race. I forgive those who

treat the Black Race as slaves today. I forgive all who want

to lynch me personally, ministerially and business-wise

today. I pray that you would forgive them and bless them

with all spiritual blessings, especially salvation.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I break the curse of Willie

Lynch off me and my bloodline going back to 1712 and

earlier. I now break all curses placed on me by those

involved in slavery and those who treat me like a slave. I

command the demons restore to me and my family everything

that they have stolen from us. I command this in the name of

Jesus Christ, my Savior, Lord and Master. Amen.


I now command every demon whose legal right has been taken

away by this prayer to leave me. I command the spirits of

drug addiction, fear, distrust, envy, murder, control,

physical abuse, frozen psychic, demonic independence, mental

weakness, lynching spirit, vigilante spirit and related

spirits to leave. I do this by the power and blood of Jesus

Christ, and the authority invested in me by being a Christian.


Website - End-Time DELIVERANCE MINISTRY, are deliverance ministers that have this website. The website has the Deliverance Manual and their

deliverance ministry on the Internet. You can search the

website with (http://www.).

You can download any part of the material. This is a good

source of material on deliverance and millions of people have accessed it.



Black Men: You can't trust black women. Black women are

mean, spiteful, and they use you. Women are only good for

having babies and cooking. You have to slap a woman around

every now and then. You have to love them and leave them.

Black Women: all black men are dogs. Women must take charge

and never let a man control them. I can't live without this

man. He beats me, but he's a good man. Black Youth: My

parents don't deserve obedience.

Morality and Character

Black Men: It's all right to have more than one woman. Drugs

and alcohol are not that bad. The only thing that is

important is what you do for yourself. Black Women: You've

got to sleep with a man in order to get him. Black Youth:

Everybody else is doing it and so can I. I will do whatever

I want. I will hurt others before I hurt myself. I have to

do whatever to look cool to my friends and I have to have

sex to be accepted by my homeys.


Black Men: I am God. The Bible is the white man's religion.

Islam is the black man's religion and the Masons are a good

thing. Black Women: Following my horoscope is all right to

engage in and to use to find a mate. Eastern Star is a good

thing. Islam is the black man's religion. The church is full

of hypocrites. Christianity is a crutch for weak black

folks. The Masons are a good thing. I go to church, but I

need some stuff from the occult shop too. Black Youth: There

is no God.


I forgive all black men, black women and black youth for the

way they have treated me. Forgive me for the way I have

treated them. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


I command the spirits of distrust, meanness, spitefulness,

physical abuse, unfaithfulness, control, disobedience,

adultery, fornication, drug addiction, alcoholism, murder,

hate, horoscopes, Eastern Star, Islam, hypocrisy, and

Masonry to leave me in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Breaking Strong Holds in the African-American Family -

Strategies for Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Clarence Walker,

Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI. I recommend

that you obtain this book.



Many black people have been involved with voodoo, root

workers and doctors, conjure men, and Haitian, African and

Black Southern Witchcraft. They do not know about psychic,

mystic or hypnotism, but do know about roots. Roots is

African Witchcraft brought to America during the slave-

trading years. There can be a demonic mixture in the Black

churches that came in through a revival of African

Witchcraft sometimes under the disguise of Christianity.

Black Americans

In both Haitian Voodoo and Black Voodoo or Witchcraft, both

have a belief in the crossroads. The Black American

Crossroads and the cross symbol are used to ward off evil.

There is nothing holy about it.

This is why the Black people call this root working or root

worker. It must be understood that Blacks call all types of

sorcery, divination or voodoo - witchcraft.

The Black American, in much of the religious beliefs, still

cling to certain personal charms or voodoo and witchcraft

beliefs. This is a black mixture of voodoo and Christianity.

New Orleans

The Creole Blacks, each year on November 1st gather

graveyard dirt from various cemeteries under certain

conditions to get a wish, whether good or evil.

Voodoo or Witchcraft is often used for hating, loving,

gambling, and keeping one out of jail. The books Secrets Of

Albertus Magnus and the Sixth And Seventh Book Of Moses were

used to work witchcraft.

Members of the serpent god, Python, the priest and priestess

communicated the will of the sacred serpent. In New Orleans

voodooism was, in fact, a system of fetish idolatry. Its

main feature consisted of the worship of the serpent and


The spirit of Li Grand Zombi, and the Python spirit are

ruling spirits that guard and over shadow the faithful

voodoo Worshipers. The word Magnam is associated with

voodoo. The priest and priestess are called king and queen,

master and mistress, papa and mama.

A red ribbon was worn about the neck in honor of Monsieur

Agoussou, the demon upon whom the practitioners called on

regarding matters of love. The demon especially loved the

color red. This is Love Voodoo.


This voodoo service describes what such a service is like

which opens the door to demon possession. The king (priest)

places his foot upon the box containing the snake. He seems

to get a sort of shock which is transmitted to his queen,

and through her to everyone in the circle. Violent

convulsions take place, the queen being the most violently

affected. From time to time, the serpent is again touched to

get more magnetic power. The box is shaken, and tinkling

bells on the side increase the general delirium already

under way, aggravated by much drinking of spirituous


Then is pandemonium let loose. Fainting fits and choking

spells succeed one another. A nervous tremor possesses

everybody. No one escapes its power. They spin with

incredible velocity, whilst some, in the midst of these

bacchanalian orgies, tear flesh with their gnashing teeth.

Others, entirely deprived of reason, fall down to the ground

from sheer lassitude, and are carried, still panting and

gyrating into the open air.


Deliverance From Voodoo And African Curses by Pastor Ivory

Hopkins, Pilgrims' Ministry Of Deliverance, P.O. Box 81,

Harbeson, DE 19951. It is the best book I have found dealing

with African curses and I recommend that you obtain it.

Folk Beliefs Of The Southern Negro by Newbell Niles Puckett,



Prayers For Breaking Witchcraft Control And Curses

Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive my ancestors and anyone else

that has practiced any form of witchcraft that would affect

me and my descendents. Please forgive me for practicing any

form of witchcraft and cursing my descendents.

We break all curses and control of witchcraft as uttering a

wish of evil against one; to call for mischief or injury to

fall upon; to execrate, to bring evil upon or to; to blast,

vex, harass or torment with great calamities; individuals

working in concert with an evil specific form of evil spirit

activity; Satanic covens of witches and warlocks; persons

dabbling with witchcraft and sorcery, casting spells,

potions, enchantments and curses: wrong kinds of psychic

prayers; and witchcraft control

I am now closing any door I may have opened to you, Satan,

through contact with witchcraft, occult, and similar

activities. I am closing the door against all these things

I know about and all the things I don't know about. I

renounce you and all your demons and I'm closing every door

I may have opened. Christ redeems those who put their trust

in Him. Jesus Christ became cursed on the cross for us and

blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against us. We

claim and apply these principles. We break the curses back

to ten generations or even to Adam and Eve. All legal holds

and legal grounds are removed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We break all curses, spells, hexes, etc. sent upon us by

envious enemies who seek to harm us or kill us or wreck

havoc physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. We bind

and order any demons to come out of us and return to the

senders escorted by angels to destroy that seat of

witchcraft. The demons are commanded to confuse and sow

terror and panic in the hearts of witches and warlocks.

Since we have power over the demons through Jesus' Name,

they are our slaves and they must obey us as we command. We

command the demons to attack their own works, to destroy

each other and to shake the kingdom of evil to its very

foundation. I ask and do these things in the Name of Jesus

Christ. Amen.


Names of Demons

Espiritista, El Taumaturgo (Charmer), San Miguel (Strength),

San Espedisto (Life), San Nicolas (Santa Claus), Kapu (Demon

Worship), Kahunas (Witch Doctor), Heiau (Shrine), Bruja

(Witch), Mau Maus (Blood Thirsty), Muti (Human Flesh), Luk

Krok (Human Fetus), Tokoloshe (Zombie), Cretins, Idiots, El

Curandero (Healer), Great One, Gateway for Spirits.


Devil on the Run by Nicky Cruz, Dove Christian Books,

Melbourne, FL


Stateside Creole Voodoo Spirits

Baka, Banda, Assator, Asson, Acon, Batterie Maconnique,

Cambe, Kembe, Charge, Chauffer, Chev Al Ch'wl, Colliel,

Dessounin, Gagnin Loa, Garde, Gove, Gran Maitre, Mambo,

Mange, Mascarron, Massissi, Les Mysteres, Paquets Congo,

Reler, Renvoyer, Ramasser, Saints, Verser, Wanga, Haitian

Voodoo, Black Voodoo, Witchcraft, Crossroads, Conjuration,

Demonic Ritual, Papa Damballa, Mistress Erzulie.

American Voodoo And Religious Spirits

Breaking Curses Of Voodoo and Witchcraft: Creole Curses In

Worship, Family Line Curse Of Voodoo, Curse of Seeking Help

From Voodoo Or Witchcraft Workers. Roots in Love and Roots

in Lust Potions causing Curse of Roots in marriage,

finances, health, childbirth, miscarriage and sexual


Control Spirits: Control By The Church, Control Spirits Of

The Bishop Or Preacher, Spirits In Preachers Using Voodoo In

Their Ministry To Control People, Loosing Those Who You

Worked Voodoo On In The Past, Evil Soul Ties With The Bishop

Or Preacher.

False Spirits: False Praise, False Worship, False Holy

Dance, False Shouting Spirits, False Dancing In The Spirit,

False Voodoo Tongues, False Prophecy, False Baptism Of Fire,

False Visions And Dreams, False Voices Calling Themselves

God, False Preaching Spirits.

Potions: Conjure Bag Spirits, Dr. Buzzard Spirits, Graveyard

Dust Spirits, Voodoo Candle Burning, Conjure Doctor Spirits,

Conjure Man Spirits.

Witchcraft and Voodoo Spirits: Voodoo Spirits, Voodoo

Dancing, Jerking Spirits, Shaking Spirits, Quivering

Spirits, Spirits That Cause The Body To Twitch, Rocking

Backward And Forward Spirits During Preaching And Worship,

Spirits That Make The Eyes Roll Back In The Head During

Praise, Burning In The Stomach Called The Holy Ghost, Fire

Walking Spirits, Veil Over The Eyes Spirit, Spirits Of

Divination, African Voodoo Spirits, Haitian Voodoo Spirits,

Southern Voodoo Spirits, Python Serpent Spirits Of Voodoo,

Voodoo Fire Walking Spirits, Hoodoo Spirits, Voodoo Spirits,

Sickness By Voodoo, Death Spirits Of Voodoo, Fear Of Voodoo

Spirits, Spirits Of Superstition And Voodoo, Witchcraft And

Voodoo Icing.

African, Haitian And Black Voodoo Spirits

Rada is African spirits of Voodoo, and Petro is American

Voodoo spirits used during the time of slavery. Erzulie

Erzulie Ge-Rouge - A petro goddess of violence causes the

body to go into terrible paralysis, finger nails draw blood,

half groan and half scream.

Damballah - Ruler of Thunder or Saint Patrick, Agaou - Ruler

of Thunder, Ghede - Ruler of the Dead, Legba - Guardian of

the Cross Roads or the Chromo of Lazarus, Agwe - Ruler of

the Waters or Saint Ulrique, Azacca - Ruler of Agriculture

or Saint Isidore, Marassa - Divine Twin, Papa Marassa, Mama

Marassa, Baka - Animal Spirit, Banda Spirit - Dance Spirit,

Cama Kembe - Pain Spirit, Cev Al Ch'wl - Voodoo Possession,

Baterie Maconnique - Spirits in the drum beat that calls

them into a person, Gagnin Loa - Voodoo spirits that enter

the head, Wanga - Voodoo Charm, Houngan - Voodoo Priest,

Mambe - Voodoo Priestess, Garde - Protector of those in

Voodoo, Gran Maitre - Voodoo Creator God, Colliel - Voodoo

Necklace, Massissi - Homosexual Spirits, Reler - Voodoo Song

that calls demons in a person, Zombie Spirits, Les Morts -

Familiar Spirits of the Dead, Ogoun - Guardian, Laver Tete -

Voodoo Baptism, Maori - Creator Demon, Manga Marassa -

Voodoo Ruler of Child Birth, Baron Samedi - Death Spirit,

Nan Boubloui - Voodoo Ruler over Male and Females, Erzulie -

The Rada Goddess of Love, Rada Gods - Voodoo Gods of Peace

and Love, Petro Gods - Voodoo Spirits of Violence that

caused the slaves to revolt.

Nigerian Spirits

Obatala - God of the Crossroads, Ogoun Paname - God of Sex

and Childbirth, Ogoun Baye - God of the Sun and Fire Spirit

over Fire Walkers, Ogoun Badagris - God of Magic Cemeteries

and Death, Ogoun Ferei - God of Power and War, Ogoun Shango -

God of Serpents, Dadal - God of Fertility, Loco Roi Nago or

Nago Piman - Ruler over Ancestry.


Spiritual Warfare Training Manual and Deliverance From

Voodoo And African Curses by Ivory Hopkins, Pilgrim Ministry

of Deliverance, P.O. Box 81, Harbeson, DE 19951



Santeria, African Nature Spirits, Macumba, Voodoo, Obeah

(African Magic), Creole Voodoo, Witchcraft, Vodun Spirit,

Caribbean Folk Religion, Loa, Zombie, Spiritism, Demon Cult,

Zombis, Shamans, African/Catholic hybrid religion, Juju,

Egyptian Magic Current

Gods and Deities

San Lazarro (Saint Lazarus), Santa Barbara (Saint Barbara),

Erzulie within Catholic Devotions to Mary, Elegua

(Trickster), Obatala (Father of the Santos), Shango

(Controls Thunder, Lightning and Fire), Oshun (Controls

Money and Love), Yemaya (Primordial Mother of the Santos),

Babaluaye (Patron of the Sick), Ogun (Warrior Deity), Orunla

(Patron of Diviners).

Various Names

Black Mass, Mae de Santo (Cult Mother), Queen of Darkness,

Queen of Black Witches, High Priestess, Black Witch,

Satanists, Vampire, Spiritist.


Drinking blood of children, child and adult sacrifice,

cannibalism, black magic, criminal spiritism, devil worship,

exhuming fresh graves, insanity, dancing in the nude, sex

orgies, lesbianism, homosexuality, sadistic and masochistic

excesses, levitation, killing birds in flight, making

objects appear and disappear, apport or demonstration of

powers, walking through a great bonfire, vampirism, incubus

and succuba (marriage to demons), demonic possession,

drunkenness, necromancy and bestiality.


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