The System referred to is the programmed Cisco Wheeler.

When we grasp it, we see how the programming and MPD was a microcosm of what has been done to the world's religions and political entities.

There is programming in the Charismatic / Pentecostal movement. The programming is seen in victims connected to the Charismatic movement.

There is control over the pulpits of America with 300,000 pulpits silent on the
real story about what is overtaking America.

The System's father ran in Pentecostal circles. He, at some point, was ordained
to the Pentecostal ministry. That was his front.

Solomon was a great man of God who became the leading occult leader of his day.
Solomon is credited with writing a long list of important secret Satanic books.

The programmers also go to extremes to insure that the dark side alters they
create are terrified of the Christian God and Jesus Christ, His only begotten

They used large sections of the Bible to program.

If the alter is a Christian, they can use the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
to bind and cast out the demons which are in the mirrors.
America And The World Approximately one million Americans have suffered from trauma-based mind control since 1947. However, the truth is that there is no corner of the earth now that is not being subjected to some kind of mind control.

The average American believes he lives in a democracy and a free nation. He
believes that he controls his own destiny by electing officials. They are
fragmenting and dividing America.

A few investigators and survivors have come to grasp the nature of Satan's

The human leadership consists of the Council of Nine, the Grand Druid Council
of Thirteen, and many other lesser groups. Satan also has a hierarchy of
demons, with Beelzebub as his right-hand spirit. Today, just as the title of
Alice Bailey's book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, suggests, the
hierarchy is getting more and more public. Satanism is creeping into all facets
of life.

The Threefold Goddesses can be found clear back in the ancient Egyptian /
Babylonian Mystery religions and the old Druid story of King Arthur with the
three women at the lake. The Virgin Goddess is the New Moon, the Mother Goddess is the full moon and the Old Wise Crone Goddess is the waning moon. Perhaps the darkest Satanic ritual involves the Grail -a drinking blood / sex ritual
related to the goddess Cerridwen.

Programming The Slave
This is trauma-based Monarch Mind-Control. They encourage control and power.
SRA survivors often speak of a world-wide conspiracy. Satan's nature, and the
nature and character of his followers demand that the conspiracy be that
controlling. The nature of Satanists is to have a destructive lust for control
and power.

Satan is the father of all lies, and hates the truth. Satanism cherishes
illusion and lies.

Another attribute of Satan's character and his followers is their love for
secrecy and darkness. Therefore, it follows that the type of control that Satan
exercises over the world is both secret and brutal.

Every type of mind-control is being carried out, and as far as we can tell
every type or element of mind-control is carried out on the victims of the
Monarch Mind-Control. This means they must have alters which are brutal,
secret, immoral and controlled. They must be able to function in a world of
illusion and magic.

The programmers love to fragment and divide. The epitome of this is how they
divide a person's mind against itself with MPD in order to control that mind.

There are blood covenants, blood sacrifices, sexual sealings, invocations of
demons, demonizations of fetuses with Moon Child rituals, voodooism, and many
other programming acts which are related to demonology.

In other words, if we step out of our denial that demonology isn't important,
and take an honest look, we must admit that understanding demonology and
spiritual warfare will help us understand how the Illuminati's Programmed
Slaves' minds think.

Most often the structure that is chosen for the slave has occult meaning to it.
They must instill fear and terror to cast out any spark of Christ-like love.
The torture not only splits the mind, but it terrorizes the mind. Humane love
is replaced with animalistic demonic drives to survive.

Satan's mind-control is premeditated, systematic, and methodical. An Illuminati
Grand Dame will assist the programmers to insure that the proper script is
given to the child and that a psychotic break doesn't occur causing the victim
to lose their mind.

The knowledge that Satan gives is called occult, arcane or esoteric (hidden).
In the midst of all this Illuminati activity is the Great Seal with its
pyramid, all-seeing eye, and its reverse with its eagle. The eagle represents
the power of the air which is another name for Satan.

They know how to create spiritual ties called soul ties. They also build in
spiritual cords which connected the slaves to the programmers. There are demons
who are capable of taking on the form of the programmers. Generational
spiritual ties carry a great spiritual force.

Powerful demons have been identified including Legion, Dameon, Moriah (spirit
behind the eyes), Gerberus, Hydra, Mediga, Bullata, Italia, Estavada, and
Mendella. Seven levels of hell were programmed into the System.

Spirits of death repeatedly overtook the System like a grey fog. Spirits of
Fear repeatedly terrified the System. It may be of interest to some to note the
reptilian nature of demonic spirits.

Because the Jokers were spirits, they could take any form they needed to and
they could do what they wanted to do.

Voodoo dolls with torture lights were used on those who were the Seed of Satan.
The Temple of Molech was used as a depository for memories of child sacrifices.
The covenants, vows and threats all work together to keep people in line. And
it is all cloaked so well behind mysteries, such as the Mystery Religions.

They had the power via hypnosis to heal the wounds after they tortured them.
Because they split the mind into Multiple Personalities at the tender age of
eighteen months, they had to use scripts that a child could learn. When electro-
shocked, the body parts would jerk out of control at their whim to prove to the
slaves that they were their puppets.

Drugs, hypnosis, torture and fear, high level demonology, isolation, lies,
massive amounts of electroshock, and other methods of control are use to the
hilt to program slaves.

The alters' memories are hypnotically locked up by posthypnotic suggestions and
fragmented by electroshock before they can go from short term memory into long
term memory.

Today, we notice that many of the children's shows, and many of the adult shows
on television are being used for programming purposes. Most worldly people
would be shocked to realize that by going along with Satan's world system, they
are contributing to Satan's cause.

Many Johns do not want anyone to ever see them sexually, because they are
judges and important ministers. It is believed that the four-person team was
spiritually linked to four Satanic programmers. Although the world is not ready
to believe this, Monarch twins are given occult training to communicate
telepathically. Because the world is not ready to accept the type of occult
training that the Illuminati give their people, they will scoff at the idea of
astral projection, mind reading, telepathy, etc. They are trained to be psychic

The memories are locked up by torture and sexual sealing rituals. The Mothers
of Darkness alters were taught those things that the Illuminati think are
important for their people to know. The false gods of Babylon, India and Egypt
have false trinities.

All levels of society, from rich to poor, sacrificed their children to appease
the gods - especially the god commonly known as Moloch. Freemasonry claims to
be a continuation of the Mysteries also. Some therapists have noticed Satanic
guardian angels which talk to their patients. Spirits of Death and many
thousands of similar spirits drive the slaves toward self-destructive behavior.

Jewelry was part of the focal points to invite demons in. The dark side in the
programmed can be accessed via letters, music, telephone calls, telepathically,
via electronic signals, via the pattern of planes flying overhead, and a number
of other ways.

However, a closer examination will reveal that Druidism takes a person into
demonology. It is not a benign worship of nature. The slaves know little about
demonology and don't realize that they are demonized as much until they are
deprogrammed. Once the big daddy demons left the System, slaves were free to
think for the first time in their life.

The people who are deprogrammed have worked long hours to integrate thousands
of child alters and fragments back into alters that are healthier.

After these structures are built into the mind, they continue to work and carry
out their function on a subconscious level.

Programmers into high level magic can fashion alters into the four magical
elements (the four watchtowers) wind (air), fire, water, and earth. Mysterious
Egypt was the mother of much of Satanism. Egyptian occultism plays such an
important role in Hermetic magic, Freemasonry, and Satanism. Some Egyptian cat
gods are Bast, Hathor, Mut, Diana, and Sekhmet.

You will find the Kabala (also spelled Qabala or Caballa, etc.) in Monarch
survivors. One of the least known facts is that Saturn has been the center of
human worship worldwide for thousands of years. The book, The Saturn Myth, is a
detailed investigation of the secret but extensive worldwide worship of Saturn.

They Know Not What They Do - An Illustrated Guide To Monarch Programming - Mind
Control by Cisco Wheeler with Fritz Springmeier. I highly recommend that you
purchase this book and read the entire contents. They have also written two
other excellent books about mind control.