1. Conversation

2. Positive Actions

3. Negative Actions

4. Effect of Others

5. Names of Demons








I am an ordained minister, apostle, teacher and counselor. I have been a
spiritual father to many through the years. I am now a spiritual grandfather
due to my age. Many problems are caused in the spiritual realm because the
person did not have a father or the father did not act the way he should have.
This starts a cycle of problems for the person that will go throughout their
life if not dealt with spiritually.

My child, I love you! Your are special. You are a gift from God. I thank god
for allowing me to be a father to you. I bless you with the healing of all
wounds of rejection, neglect and abuse that you have suffered. I bless you with
overflowing peace, the peace that only the Prince of Peace can give, a peace
beyond comprehension. I bless your life with fruitfulness--good fruit, much
fruit and fruit that remains. I bless you with success. You are the head and
not the tail; you are above and not beneath. I bless you with health and
strength of body, soul and spirit. I bless you with overflowing prosperity,
enabling you to be a blessing to others. I bless you with spiritual influence,
for you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. You are like a
tree planted by rivers of water. You will prosper in all your ways. I bless you
with a depth of spiritual understanding and a close walk with your Lord. You
will not stumble or falter, for the Word of God will be a lamp to your feet and
a light to your path. I bless you with pure and edifying relationships in life.
You have favor with God and man. I bless you with abounding love. You will
minister God's comforting grace to others. You are blessed, my child! You are
blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. Amen!


Job 16:13 He cleaveth my reins asunder.
Job 19:27 Though my reins be consumed within me.
Ps. 7:9 God trieth the hearts and reins.
Ps. 16:7 My reins also instruct me in the night.
Ps. 26:2 Try my reins and my heart.
Ps. 73:21 And I was pricked in my reins.
Ps. 139:13 For thou hast possessed my reins.
Prov. 23:16 My reins shall rejoice.
Is. 11:5 Faithfulness the girdle of his reins.
Jer. 11:20 That trieth the reins.
Jer. 12:2 And far from their reins.
Jer. 17:10 I try the reins.
Jer. 20:12 And seest the reins.
Lam. 3:13 Of his quiver to enter his reins.
Rev. 2:23 I am he which searcheth the reins.


1. nephros, a kidney (nephritis, etc.), is used metaphorically of the will and
the affections. The feelings and emotions were regarded as having their seat in
the kidneys.

2. kidneys and loins, nephros - kidneys, loins - waist - heart - mind, pierced
within or inward parts.


To the Hebrews, the kidneys, because of their sensitivity, were believed to be
the seat of desire. Scripture contains many eloquent assays referring to this.
When a man suffers deep within himself, he is pierced within; when he rejoices,
it is within his inmost being; and when he earnestly longs, his heart faints
within. The kidneys also seem to provide knowledge and understanding where THE
WORD is rendered mind. Job complains that God has split his kidneys open.


Ancient people commonly used loins figuratively for the center of emotions such
as pain or terror. It is used by euphemism for the reproductive power. The
loins were especially dressed with sackcloth symbolizing a mourning heart.

Loins is used in the natural sense as the seat of generative power,
metaphorically of girding the loins in readiness for active service for the
Lord with truth. Bracing up oneself so as to maintain perfect sincerity and
reality as the counteractive in Christian character against hypocrisy and
falsehood; of girding the loins of the mind, suggestive of the alertness
necessary for sobriety and for setting one's hope perfectly on the grace to be
brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


In the above biblical definitions of reins, kidney and loins you can see the
importance of various effects on the body: will and affections, feelings and
emotions, heart and mind, pierced within or inward parts, sensitivity, seat of
desire, suffers deep within, pierced within; within inmost being; earnestly
longs, heart faints within, knowledge and understanding, mind, center of
emotions, pain or terror, reproductive power, mourning heart, seat of
generative power, and hypocrisy and falsehood.

From these effects come diseases of the body and soul (mind, will and
emotions). You can see how your thoughts can affect your being mentally,
physically and spiritually.


Kidney failure is a very difficult area to work in. I have found little in the
medical or Christian literature about healing of kidneys when they fail. You
can go on dialysis or have a kidney transplant but this does not heal the
kidneys, it only maintains life. There are side affects associated with these
methods of treatment. I am not aware of anyone who has been healed
supernaturally, when the kidneys failed completely, by the prayer of faith
and/or the casting out of demons.

It only takes 25% of one kidney to maintain life. Less than 25% results in
death unless one of the two treatments is used. The accumulated toxins and
fluid in the body kill the body.

If the kidneys have not failed completely, there is more possibility of being
healed. This may take the form of diet and/or alternative medicine,
pharmaceutical medicine and/or operation, anointing with oil and/or the casting
out of demons or some combination of these methods.


The teaching contained in this lesson could be applied to other diseases. The
principles are the same but the individuals are different and have different
diseases. Each person is unique with unique problems. Each person needs to be
ministered to as an individual given special attention.


We are a tripartite being composed of a body which contains the soul and
spirit. When we die our spirit and soul will go to be with THE LORD. To be in
complete health, you must take care of these three parts. You can not neglect
any one of these and be in health. The spirit comes from GOD and will go back
to GOD. Your soul is your mind, will and emotions, and all that they contain.
Your body is the physical part which contains your brain where the soul

To take care of the spirit requires first becoming a Christian and then
following THE HOLY SPIRIT in living a holy life free of sin. To take care of
the soul requires training the brain how to follow GOD and THE HOLY BIBLE and
then disciplining your body. To take care of the body requires proper use of
the body and feeding the body with proper food.

A lot can be said about taking care of the body. THE BIBLE has dietary laws
which are worth studying. Are you feeding your body with healthy food and
drink? Are you exercising and using the body correctly in areas of sex and
other areas? For instance, THE BIBLE forbids the eating of blood. What effect
could eating blood have on the person: mentally, physically or spiritually?


THE BIBLE teaches that if you sin it will affect your body. Many times the
cause and effect is clearly presented. For instance, consider the occult,
witchcraft or Satan worship. These will affect your spirit, soul and body here
on earth and eventually send you to Hell. If you repent over THE SCRIPTURES for
some particular part of your body, you may be healed.


We are in a life and death battle with the forces of Satan. It is necessary not
only to pray but to enter into spiritual warfare where you fight against the
forces of evil. This should be done on a daily basis.

Spiritual Warfare Personal shows how I apply these principles to my life.
Spiritual Warfare General shows how anyone can apply these principles to their
lives. I use these almost daily.


Some medical terms for this disease for you to research are glomerulonephritis,
kidney and nephritis. Renal means kidney. There are a list of names pertaining
to symptoms of disease in each category.


Diabetes is called autoimmune disease, hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus. The
spiritual root behind diabetes: extreme rejection and self-hatred coupled with
guilt. There is direct rejection by a father and sometimes, a husband, or a man
in general. Fear, anxiety and stress is a root cause and the unloving spirit
that allows self-hatred, self-rejection and guilt. Fear can be inherited.
Scripture: Eze. 18:17, Exe. 20:4-5.


It is caused by fear and anxiety. High blood pressure is hypertension caused by
fear, anxiety and stress. Scripture: II Tim. 1:7.


A letter from the church stated, We are still learning, but so far our
experience with kidney failure is that the spiritual dynamics behind it can be
rejection, self-rejection, envy, bitterness, fear, and a spirit of death, hell
and destruction. These are some areas you might want to explore.

Pleasant Valley Publications has some books and tapes that are recommended for
purchase. The church also conducts training and seminars.


GOD has shown Pastor Henry Wright of Pleasant Valley Church about spiritual
roots of disease. If there is a spiritual root to the disease, the person can
not be healed but has to be delivered. The sin that opened the door to the
disease must be dealt with first. This is either the sins of the ancestors,
someone who had spiritual authority over the person, the person or some
combination of these open doors to disease.


I had a telephone discussion with Art Mathias, author of Biblical Foundations
of Freedom. He stated that kidney failure may be from many different causes; he
had nothing specific. He suggested working through his book and also the book,
A More Excellent Way. Start with bitterness which is an open door to diseases
such as cancer and arthritis. Bitterness is a strong demon, a principality.


(The Continuing Works of Christ)
Cardiovascular System, Coronary Artery Disease: The Bible says, In the last
days men's hearts shall fail them because of fear (Luke 21:26).
Hypertension: High Blood Pressure. Fear and anxiety is the root for high blood
pressure. The Bible and medical science agree. What we teach is not opposed to
medical science. In fact, what I see in the Bible only proves medical science
and medical science only proves the Bible.
Stroke and Aneurysms: Strokes and aneurysms are the result of rage and anger,
but behind the rage and anger is also fear. Do you know why people go into rage
and anger? First of all, they have a root of bitterness. They are really afraid
to deal with issues. Rather than being confronted on an issue and having to
deal with it, they just blow up because that is their defensive mechanism. They
don't want to be confronted on an issue because they are afraid of men and they
are afraid of rejection.

Disturbances of Heart Rhythm: Such things as rhythmic problems. Irregular heart
beat and Mitral Valve Prolapse are the result of anxiety and stress.
Muscles and Tension Headaches: We rub the back of our necks when we are under
stress and tension to relieve the pain. Why not turn to God and deal with the
fear and anxiety?

Muscle Contraction Backache: Again anxiety and stress is the issue. I have
witnessed many healings when people have repented of the lack of faith in God
and then learned to trust Him.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: There is a direct relationship between the tremendous
stress of self-hatred and all automimmune disease. The person is afraid of
themselves. They just don't want to face themselves. Out of that come self-
hatred, out of that comes the guilt, out of that comes the conflict that causes
the white corpuscles to attack the connective material of the bones, and eat at
it, and produce rheumatoid arthritis.
Pulmonary System: Asthma and Hay Fever. John Hopkins University is now teaching
that Hay Fever and Asthma are not caused by air born allergens. It has nothing
to do with breathing, dander, dust, pollen, etc. Anxiety and fear cause it. It
can be inherited, but it's coming out of deep-rooted anxiety and fear. I have
proved this many times over.

Immune System: Immunosuppression or Immune Deficiency and Autoimmune Disease:
Over secretion of cortisol and catecholamines destroy the immune system, and
the result is autoimmune diseases. The Hypothalamus controls over 23 hormones
including these two. Autoimmune diseases occur when the white corpuscles
attacks living flesh and destroy it. Lupus, Crones, Diabetes, Rheumatoid
Arthritis, and MS are examples.

We have learned that the body attacks the body as a person attacks themselves
spiritually in self-rejection, self-hatred, and self-bitterness. The body
agrees with the mind and starts attacking itself. That is a high price to pay
for not loving yourself.

Gastrointestinal System: Ulcers. For years the medical community believed that
stress and anxiety caused an irritation in the stomach, which eventually caused
the ulceration. Recently they have begun to prescribe antibiotics are are
telling us that a bacteria or viruses cause ulcers.

People who have ulcers also have compromised immune systems because of the
anxiety and stress. When you have a compromised immune system, you don't have
the ability to defeat bacteria and viruses. The fear and anxiety come first and
the bacteria and viruses show up after the immune system is compromised.

There are a number of gastrointestinal problems that are caused by anxiety and
stress. They include Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, nausea, vomiting,
and ulcerated colitis.

Every single malfunction in the gastrointestinal tract is caused by anxiety and
stress. The peace of God in your heart regarding issues in your life is the
cure. (With the exception of Crones disease, which is an autoimmune disease.)
Genital Urinary System: Diuresis, Impotence, and Frigidity are caused by
anxiety and fear.

Skin: Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis: Adolescent acne is caused by fear coming from
peer pressure. It is not a genetic or biologic problem by itself, but in most
cases the kids are afraid of other kids. That level of fear and anxiety
triggers increased histamine secretion. It also increases white corpuscle
activity in the epidermis thus causing acne.
Endocrine System: Diabetes and Amenorrhea
Central Nervous System: Fatigue and lethargy, Type A behavior, overeating,
depression, and insomnia are all cause by fear and anxiety and stress.


I had a telephone discussion with Pastor Ron Tiffin of British Columbia, Canada
concerning the healing of chronic kidney disease of various people that the
church has ministered to; they had amazing success. God showed him that kidneys
are mentioned as reins in THE BIBLE. The deep roots are jealousy, envy and
rejection which must be overcome.

You are set free by THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE which is an ongoing process of
learning: line upon line, precept upon precept, a little here a little there.
The person must be taught THE TRUTH OF GOD, ministered what was taught and
prayed for. John The Baptist said to clear the pathway for JESUS CHRIST. As we
follow the pathway to GOD, we rectify sins and clean up our lives opening the
pathway for healing. Through the teaching of THE WORD OF GOD, a person needs to
know how they got into trouble and how they got out of trouble, or they will go
back into trouble.

You must turn to GOD rather than man. THE BIBLE IS first and foremost rather
than men's books which are to only be used as support for THE BIBLE. You must
agree with THE TRUTH OF GOD and receive it into your heart.

You need to believe that you are accepted, loved and worthy. Every person needs
individual ministry. You can not heal a broken heart; it must be mended by a
father's love either by GOD or man. This could be a pastor or minister with
the heart of the Father.

There is tremendous turmoil and need in THE BODY OF CHRIST JESUS. Many times it
is father or mother who didn't do their parenting properly and the person has
turned against them in some way. There can be denominational bondage due to
false teaching. There are generational curses, abuses in the family line,
racism, and other means that opens the person's spiritual armor to penetration
by diseases and demons.

The person needs to recount their problems to the minister. This is the
spiritual profile of the individual who must be brutally honest.



I had a telephone discussion with Victoria Webb of British Columbia, Canada who
had a healing of her kidneys. She used the methods of her church and Pleasant
Valley Church along with THE HOLY SPIRIT teaching her. Kidney disease is like a
planter wart with many spiritual roots. This is a delicate and difficult
matter. She received a Miracle of Mercy.

Positive Actions

Positive things to do are: line up with GOD in repentance, live up to GOD's
WORD, walk in resurrection life, die to self, live for Him, agree with THE
WORD, exercise the power of prayer, control your reins, read scripture and
pray. Get the elders of the church to anoint with oil, lay hands on the sick,
have the church to pray for healing and receive beauty for ashes.

Negative Actions

Negative things not to do are: make a bitter-root judgment, speak death, don't
love self, blame GOD, be angry with GOD, think and talk death, and make a
covenant with death.

Effect of Others

You can be affected by your family or others who have spiritual authority over
you: generational curses and curses in immediate family; family alienation,
strife, bitterness and bad blood; mental and emotional abuse; medical diagnosis
speaking a curse; living in a death world; and betrayal, abuse and lying.

Names of Demons

She mentioned the following which can be used for names of demons: root of
bitterness, kidney stone, cancer, nephritis, unforgiveness, deep hurt, self-
hatred, rejection, bitterness, destruction, high blood pressure, fear, trauma,
heart disease, broken spirit, unloving spirit, murderous rage, anger, guilt
about bondage, rebellion, witchcraft, black magic, hypertension, broken heart,
and other related ailments. Assume the names of what is wrong with the person
are the names of demons.


A handy tool to use in deliverance is a medical dictionary. You can look up the
name of the disease and its symptoms. Use the name as the ruler demon and the
symptoms as the lesser demons. Think of it as a family with a head and members
of that family. This method has proved successful in some instances.


Kidney failure has certain families of diseases. Consider these families
because they have different symptoms in each grouping. These come under the
category of nephrology. The following are conditions: acute glomerulonephritis,
chronic glomerular, hypertension nephrosclerosis, nephritis, acute interstitial
nephritis, acute renal failure, acute tubular necrosis, chronic renal failure,
diabetic nephropathy, hematuria, ischemic nephropathy, kidney stones, nephrotic
syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, proteinuria and microalbuminuria, renal
artery stenosis and renal vascular hypertension.

The kidneys can be affected by high blood pressure and diabetes which destroy
the nephrons in the kidney and cause fluids to be retained in the heart. Other
families that need to be considered are hypertension and diabetes.


THE BIBLE is your main book. You have to study the whole BIBLE for mental,
physical, spiritual and material health. It is recommended that you work your
way through the books, A More Excellent Way, Biblical Foundations of Freedom,
and Deliverance Manual. Healing and deliverance go hand-in-hand together; they
compliment each other. You can be healed by deliverance, divine healing or a
combination of both. Completely read the books and follow the instructions. The
time spent is worthwhile if you want to be delivered and healed. It may be the
only way to rid yourself of disease because these are complex areas and humans
are complex beings.


Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive those who have rejected me, been bitter against me
and have rebelled against me. Please forgive me for rejection, bitterness and
rebellion of others.

I forgive anyone who has hurt me and ask forgiveness where I have hurt others
for suffers deep within, pierced within; earnestly longs, heart faints within,
pain or terror, mourning heart, and hypocrisy and falsehood. I forgive my
ancestors, anyone who had spiritual authority over me and myself for
generational curses, curses in the immediate family, abuses in the family line,
racism, etc.

Please forgive me and I forgive anyone that has affected my will and
affections, feelings and emotions, heart and mind, sensitivity, seat of desire,
innermost being; knowledge and understanding, center of emotions, reproductive
power and seat of generative power.

Please forgive me and I forgive others for unforgiveness; bitterness;
rebellion; rejection and self-hatred with guilt; rejection by father,
husband/wife or any man/woman in general; self-rejection; bitter-root judgment;
speak death; don't love self; blame GOD; be angry with GOD; think and talk
death; make a covenant with death; unloving spirit; guilt; fear, anxiety and
stress; envy; spirit of death, hell and destruction; jealousy; envy;
denominational bondage; false teaching; family alienation, strife and bad
blood; mental and emotional abuse; medical personnel speaking a curse;
betrayal, abuse and lying; kidney stone; cancer; nephritis; deep hurt;
destruction; high blood pressure; trauma; heart disease; broken spirit;
unloving spirit; murderous rage; anger; guilt; witchcraft; black magic;
hypertension; broken heart and other related ailments.

I now command the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion and other
related families to come out of me as your name is called. In Jesus Name I pray
and take authority over the forces of evil. Amen.


Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion are the most important demon families that
get us in trouble. After basic deliverance, use the names in this lesson of
diseases and emotions brought about by mental, physical, spiritual and material
problems as found in the PRAYER.

Rejection: Fear of Rejection, Self Rejection; Bitterness: Resentment, Hatred,
Unforgiveness, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation, Murder; and Rebellion:
Self Will, Stubbornness, Disobedience, Anti-Submissiveness.


I recommend the purchase of the books from Pleasant Valley Publications, at
least one medical dictionary and the Deliverance Manual.

A More Excellent Way (I Corinthians 12:31 - A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots
of Disease - The Ministry of Pastor Henry Wright), Pleasant Valley
Publications, A Division of Pleasant Valley Church, Inc., Thomaston, GA 30286
Biblical Foundations of Freedom (Destroying Satan's Lies with God's Truth) by
Art Mathias, Pleasant Valley Publications
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, F.A. Davis Company
PDR Medical Dictionary, Medical Economics
Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old & New Testament Words by W.E.
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The New Unger's Bible Dictionary by Merrill F. Unger
The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible by James Strong
Deliverance Manual by Gene and Earline Moody. Also Spiritual Warfare Manual,
How To Do Deliverance Manual, Sexual Deliverance Manual, Witchcraft Deliverance
Manual, Curses Deliverance Manual and Healing Deliverance Manual are additions
to the Deliverance Manual which may assist you in being delivered and healed.
The Father's Blessing - Imparting The Blessings Of God To Your Children by
Frank D. Hammond
The Continuing Works of Christ by Art Mathias, Wellspring Ministries of Alaska,
Anchorage, AK