This is the preamble to the following lessons in the Healing Deliverance Manual. It is meant to express my opinion without having to repeat it in every lesson.

You have to take care of yourself. You are like a three-leged stool: spirit, soul and body. If you don't take care of anyone of these, the stool will fall down. You have to educate yourself and then apply what you have learned. You can not expect GOD to do it for you.

Your physical health is a function of nutrition, parasites and toxins - what goes into your body. We live in a very polluted world. For instance, cancer may be physical (poor nutrition, attacked by parasites or loaded with chemicals) or spiritual (demonic).

I believe that we should do the following when we need healing or deliverance from diseases:

1. First, we should seek GOD for deliverance and healing.
This means applying the principles of casting out demons and
anointing with oil for healing.

2. Second, we should fast and pray to the LORD for our
deliverance and healing. We should allow time for GOD to
answer us. This may not be a short period of time.

3. Third, if GOD does not heal or deliver us from the
infirmity, seek the medical profession for curative
medicines or even operations.

4. Fourth, have someone take us through deliverance (or do
self deliverance) for any spiritual effects of taking
Pharmaceuticals or of the cutting of the flesh. Break and
return evil curses that may have been put upon you.

The process above only apples to Christians. If you are not a Christian, then you need to get saved by JESUS CHRIST. If
you choose not to get saved, then your only choice is to use the medical profession.

I have seen GOD heal and deliver many people. I have seen Christians who have been healed and/or delivered of some ailments, and who also have used doctors for other ailments. It depends on each circumstance. If you have to use doctors, do not think you are a second-class Christian.

The Healing Deliverance Manual is oriented to being healed through the casting out of demons primarily and anointing with oil to pray the prayer of faith secondarily. You may be healed through deliverance, or the prayer of faith, or some
combination of both. GOD told me to first take someone through deliverance and secondly pray for them to be healed. Matthew 10:7-8 is my motto for this procedure.

I can not tell you not to use the medical profession. I can not tell you to ignore GOD and THE HOLY BIBLE. You have a free will given by GOD to make your choice of how you will live your life. Seek THE HOLY SPIRIT as to what you should do.

GOD does not condemn us; Satan does. GOD convicts us. I do not want to bring you into bondage of condemnation, fear, guilt, intimidation, or any other disturbing emotion for using the medical profession. For many years my family walked in divine health but we have had to use the medical profession.

I do believe that the medicine should be curative and bring healing to your body. This means obtaining a physician that provides a curative medicine that makes you well. Proper medication is part of the healing process.

In addition to the lessons in the Healing Deliverance Manual, I would recommend studying healing in THE BIBLE. A long list of healing scriptures is found in the lesson, Body Cured And Healed By Deliverance. Many times GOD heals through the anointing with oil, and praying the prayer of faith. Study the Scriptures to see how healing is accomplished.

The best discussion I have found is Insights Into Pharmakeia And Sorcery by Henry W. Wright, Pleasant Valley Publications, Thomaston, Georgia. Some spiritual aspects of using the medical profession are explained. I also highly recommend his other books. He takes the approach of healing primarily and deliverance secondarily. He has discovered many spiritual roots of disease (sins).

A good example is cancer. I have cast out spirits of cancer and knew they were in the person because they manifested as their names were called out. I can not say that all cancer is a spirit (demon). But, it is worthwhile to try the spirits in deliverance to see if they are within a person who has cancer, or any other disease, and then pray for healing. We are constantly learning and will never have full knowledge until we get to Heaven.

We can not coerce or force GOD to heal us. We must humble ourselves before GOD. However, we do have the power to drive out demons. First, the legal right before GOD must be taken away before the demon can be driven out. This includes forgiveness, repentance and renunciation as is appropriate for the sin.

JESUS CHRIST choose Luke to be an apostle, one of the twelve disciples. He was a physician and GOD did not reject him because of his profession.

There are many Christians who do not believe that GOD will heal them in this life. Their only choice is to use the
medical profession.

In summary if you need healing, become a Christian, go through deliverance, pray for healing, and wait on GOD. If
necessary, then go to the medical profession and finally go through deliverance.


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