1. Seven-month Old Child
2. Marie Moody
3. Asian People
1. Cursed Objects (Excerpts)
2. A Word About Incense (Excerpts)
3. Cursed Objects and Demon Infestation (Excerpts)
4. Cursed and Inaminate Objects
5. Summary
1. Hex Signs (Excerpts)
2. Symbols of Hex Signs (Excerpts)
3. Masonic Symbols (Excerpts)
4. Symbols
1. Dolls (Excerpts)
2. Dolls in Toledo, Ohio - 1980 (Excerpts)
3. Baby - Seven Months Old (Excerpts)
4. Satan In The Toy Store
5. Toys Having Either Occult Linkage,
6. Actions or Excessive Violence
7. Summary of Toys
1. To Exorcise Inanimate Objects (Excerpts)
2. Five Steps To Cleaning House

"L" is scripture for lesson; "C" is scripture for cleaning your house:

L - Ex. 20:4 Graven Image (Jesus' picture? He did not have white skin!)
C - Num. 23:8 Can only curse if God curses (notice that God curses).
L - Deut. 7:26-26 Those who keep or own cursed objects (you are cursed).
L - Deut. 14:7-19 Unclean animals (something for you to think about).
C - Deut. 21:23 Anyone hanged is accursed of God.
C - Deut. 32:5,17 Have corrupted themselves. Have worshipped devils (demons).
C - Josh. 6:18 Those who keep or own cursed objects (are cursed).
C - II Sam. 7:29 Blessing of the Lord.
L - Prov. 3:33 Curse of the Lord on house of the wicked.
L - Jer. 48:10 Deceitful worker of the Lord is cursed.
C - Gal. 3:13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse (must be applied).
C - Col. 2:14-15 Blotting out ordinances against us.
C - Rev. 12:11 Overcome by word of testimony.
C - Rev. 22:3 No more curse in Heaven.

Seven-month Old Child
Earline and I were working with a mother and her child who was seven-months
old. As we were taking the mother through prayers for her sins, the child spoke
and said, NO GENE NO. As you know, children of this age can not speak.

Marie Moody
Some friends of ours were ministers who went to Haiti. One time they brought us
some carved figurines as a gift. These statutes caused us strife in the family.
Our daughter, Marie, felt like there were eyes watching her as she walked
across the room. The Lord finally got our attention and we destroyed the wood
figures. The wood would not burn normally and finally I had to soak them in
charcoal-lighter fluid. When they finally burned, a green flame came out and
shot toward us. These dolls were probably made by Voodoo worshipers who blessed
them so that they would be sold. After getting rid of the statutes, the strife
left our family.

Asian People
One of my favorite examples is that of the Buddha. Do you have a cute little
Buddha sitting in your house? If so, you are cursed because you have a cursed
object in your home.

Another example is the family alter for worship of dead ancestors. This is
spiritual idolatry and brings curses to the family.

God took Pastor Jesse Duplantis to Heaven while he was alive. He saw many Asian
children but few Asian adults. Apparently the Asian world is caught in a death
trap of Asian religions and will go to Hell. Asia has half of the world
population. The children are innocent if they die before the age of
accountability and will go to Heaven.

An Asian church was meeting in an Odd Fellow Lodge. This is Masonry, a false
religion, and cursed the church. Who knows how much damage was done?

Due to my involvement with demons through deliverance, I have heard many
reports of unusual demon activities in connection with houses and objects.
Books and objects identified with anything related to Satan's kingdom have been
known to attract demons. Sinful activities on the part of former residents
account for some houses needing to be cleansed.

Many have told of hearing voices or sounds in their houses. Such
manifestations are sometimes called poltergeist, a German word meaning knocking
or noisy ghosts.

What about the owls and frogs? These are classified among the creatures
mentioned in Deut. 14:7-19 as being unclean and abominable. They are types of
demon spirits.

The graven images of their gods you shall burn with fire, you shall not desire
the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourself, lest you be
ensnared by it; for it is an abomination to the Lord your God. Neither shall
you bring an abomination (an idol) into your house, lest you be ensnared by it;
for it is an abomination to the Lord your God (Deut. 7:25-26).

Demons are definitely attracted to houses by objects and literature that
pertain to false religions, cults, the occult and spiritism. All such
materials should be burned or otherwise destroyed. Houses or buildings which
are suspect of demon infestation should be cleansed by the authority of the
name of Jesus. Those who live in such places should stand on the provisions of
the blood of Jesus Christ. (Probably the greatest abomination to God is
worshiping other gods in any form such as having an idol in your house.)

ften times the arms are crossed as a sign of submission to and being bound by
the devil. (Also a sign of rebellion.)

Often good luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols and other jewelry with hex
signs, etc. will cause interference with deliverance. Some objects,
particularly rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry which has been given
to a person by someone in witchcraft will have curses and bring bondage with

There is a resurgence of hex signs, and ancient geometric and mystical motifs
which are being incorporated into designs for clothing, jewelry, decorative
objects and china. In antique shops there are often selections of rings,
pendants, pins and various kinds of jewelry which were originally designed to
bring good luck and to act as a talisman to chase evil. Some of the most
popular currently include: The Egyptian ankh (a cross with a loop at the top
which was an ancient fertility symbol); the ancient witchcraft sign of the
broken cross, popularly known as the peace symbol; Chais (consists of Hebrew
characters spelling the word life); all kinds of Polynesian tikkis, figures and
other things; a wiggly tail which is called the Italian horn; protectors from
the evil eye; a hand with the index and little fingers pointing up (a satanic
witchcraft sign); and a great variety of crosses, clovers, stars, wishbones,
lucky coins, mystic medals, horseshoes and other items.

Another interesting thing is how many times in religious fetishes and statues
there is a dangerous resident demon power.

If it is necessary to do deliverance in a house, it is wise to clean the house
spiritually afterward, to head off any trouble which might be caused by spirits
remaining in the place. (Command the demons to leave the people, house and

Cursed Objects (Excerpts)
Believers who have broken with Freemasonry and renounced their vows, should
write to the lodge asking that their names be deleted from the membership roll.
It is also important that all personal regalia (or those handed down in the
family) should be destroyed. Associated clothing should be burnt, and metal
objects including swords defaced, or smashed and disposed of. Relatives are
sometimes superstitious about disposing of these family relics, but they are
cursed, and if retained will bring the judgment of God upon the household.

Demons may try to prevent Masonic objects from being destroyed by hiding the
means of destruction or preventing the objects from being destroyed such as
preventing the objects from catching on fire.

A Word About Incense (Excerpts)
Believers must be careful about bringing incense into their homes. Most people
are unaware that much of the incense sold in curio and novelty shops was
manufactured by devotees of the Hare Krishna cult. Their wares are dedicated
to this demon god of the Hindus and can cause much trouble.

Cursed Objects and Demon Infestation (Excerpts)
Cast out of houses; command all demons to go by these names or associated with
these objects:

1. Books and objects identified with anything related to Satan's Kingdom.
2. Sinful activities of former residents left curses.
3. Knocking or noisy ghosts (poltergeist) and apparitions.
4. Owl and frog images of all types.
5. Witch's mask and fetishes used by witch doctors.
6. Objects and literature that pertain to false religions, cults, the occult
and spiritism.
7. Graven images of gods (demons).
8. Objects dedicated to demons (idols and artifacts).
9. Ouija boards or other occult paraphernalia.
10. Prayers and worship to demons bring curses on home.
11. Mexican sun gods; idols, incense; Buddhas; hand carved objects from Africa
or the Orient; anything connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling,
etc.; books or objects associated with witchcraft, good luck charms or cult
religions (metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.); rock and
roll records and tapes.
12. Jewelry given to a person by someone in witchcraft, hex signs, ancient
geometric and mystical motifs. Jewelry designed to bring good luck and act as
talisman to chase evil.
13. Egyptian ankh, broken cross (peace symbol), chais, Polynesian tikkis of
gods, African jujus, Italian horn, protectors from the evil eye, hand with
index and little fingers pointing up, crosses, clovers, stars, wishbones, luck
coins, mystic medals, horseshoes, religious fetishes and statues.
14. Products with cryptic curses (hidden, secret, occult curses).
15. Dolls used for witchcraft and magic; puppets, cult objects or

Cursed and Inaminate Objects
If you have a cursed object, you become cursed by God! Remove all cursed
objects from your being and from your home; destroy by breaking, burning or at
least throw them in the trash can. Do not keep the cursed silver or gold of
the object. If the cursed object belongs to someone else and you can not throw
it away, then anoint with oil and cast the demons out of it. Anoint your house
with oil and cast out evil spirits from your house and possessions.

You must clean your home and your person (body) of cursed objects. If you have
cursed objects, you become cursed and you will have demons living with you.
They don't just come to live in your home or on your person, they come to
torment you and your family.

If you have cursed objects on your body or in your possessions that your carry
around, or that are in your home, then your are cursed by God. You have invited
the demons to attack you and the people that live in your home.

My favorite example is pierced ears which is a sign of slavery in the Bible.
Jesus Christ wants us to live a simple life without religious objects or graven
images. I want the men to take off all religious objects. I want the women to
take off all jewelry except for wedding rings and watches. This will help in
the deliverance to get rid of the demons.

Therefore, be very careful how you think, pray, speak and act. Study your Bible
to find out how God thinks and acts so that you can think, speak, pray and act
in accordance with His Will. Also study to see how you should bless, rather
than curse, others as well as yourself and your family.

Obey and be blessed - disobey and be cursed! It's your choice. You will be
blessed in proportion to the amount of the Bible you follow and cursed in
proportion to the amount of the Bible you do not follow. We are told to keep
all the words of the Holy Bible.

If you have a cursed object in your house, you are cursed. A cursed object does
not just sit idle in your house. It will cause trouble for you. There are
demons that live in or around the cursed object. Do you feel an unusual
attraction or repulsion to some object in your home, office or car? You may
have a demonic tie to it.

Hex Signs (Excerpts)
The five pointed star has been used by witches for centuries and called the
pentacle or pentagram. With the two points up (as in Eastern Star) it is
called the sign of the goat or Satan; one point up symbolizes witchcraft. When
witches want to talk with demons, they will often stand within a pentagram and
the demon will appear within a six pointed star by two triangles (hexagram)
commonly called the Star of David. The Mogen David, as it was called, was a
Cabalistic magic symbol for white magic and the word hex comes from the

All Masonic symbols were ancient witchcraft signs long before freemasonry was
created. The initiation rituals for witchcraft and for Masons are identical
(according to ex-witch John Todd), again demonstrating Masonic roots into
witchcraft. The only difference is that the initiated witch disrobes
completely at the close, and signs in his own blood.

The wiggly horn called the Italian horn is also a witchcraft device
(leprechaun's staff or unicorn's horn) and means you trust the Devil for your

The Egyptian ankh (cross with a loop on top) is a sex goddess symbol meaning
you despise virginity, believe in fertility rites, and worship and serve the
Egyptian sun god RA (Egyptian name for Lucifer).

All the signs of the Zodiac are occult symbols as are the little Mexican sun
gods and Buddhas. The crescent moon and star are the sign of an initiate into

In the Old Testament, God gave cunning skills to hands of artisans who
fashioned the furnishings and decorations for the tabernacle. The use of these
signs and symbols, and others which are the property of Satan can bring demons
to your home and/or person.

Symbols of Hex Signs (Excerpts)
Remove these symbols from your person and possessions:
1. Six Petal Rosette and Lucky Stars - these are your lucky stars.
2. The Irish Shamrock Hex - good luck, fast life, good fortune and fidelity.
3. Tulip - faith, hope and charity.
4. Unicorn - virtue and piety.
5. Fertility.
6. Twelve Petal Rosette - that each month of the year be joyous ones.
7. The Distelfink - the bird of happiness always near you and good fortune.
8. Your Lucky Stars - lucky stars that guide your heart.
9. Love and Romance - rosette and hearts of love and romance.
10. Eight Pointed Star - star and rosette to bring abundance and goodwill.
11. Friendship.
12. There is a symbol for each of the above listed hex signs.

Masonic Symbols (Excerpts)
There are many Masonic trinkets and tokens, and jewels and regalia which cause
trouble for Christians. Symbols are disguised. Baphomet is the satanic "Goat of
Mendes" and the best known representation of Lucifer in all occultism. Caduceus
is an emblem of the Supreme Deity of the Masons and represented the active
power of generation and the passive power of production conjoined. Inverted
pentagram is to call up the power of Satan and is one of the main symbols of
witchcraft and occultism. Square and compass symbolize the human reproductive
organs, locked in coitus. Crescent moon and star are used by witches. Lambskin
apron is an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason. Hexagram is a
powerful symbol to witches, sorcerers and magicians.

1. Many symbols are of demonic origin such as Fleur-de-Lis. Britannica
Encyclopedia gives this explanation. In India and in Egypt it was common
decorating device used as a symbol of life and resurrection, the attribute of
the god Horus.
2. The Mobile Winged horse - Pegasus; FTD's symbol is Mercury or Hermes - the
messenger of the gods, god of commerce also god of fraud and cunning.
3. Caduceus the winged wand of Mercury - Doctors and the American Medical
4. Nike is the goddess of victory (Athena).
5. The cornucopia represents the goat mother (Amaltheia) who suckled the infant-
god in a cave; Zeus is said to have given it to her to insure a plenteous
supply of food.

When you read the scripture given at the beginning of this lesson you probably
began to feel that all of the gods and goddess, and all mythology is a
collection of demon worship. Many of the gods and goddess are referred to in
the Old Testament by the names the Hebrews would have used. All of them come
from the old Chaldean Religion. Tammuz is mentioned in the Bible and the
references to groves, temple prostitution, etc. is about idle worship or demon
worship. Everyone should do a little research into this and discover the
original reason for all our holidays and symbols. Old encyclopedias are better
than later editions because the later editions leave out much information that
is vital to us. Research the meaning of Biblical references to groves, temples,
temple prostitutes, and celebrations in both Old and New Testaments. It will
open you eyes to the revival of Satan and demon worship in America, and to our
coming judgement. God did not overlook the Hebrews worship of Satan and the
demons, and He promises not to overlook ours either.

To really follow God, demands that as soon as you learn of something you do or
have that is an abomination to God, you remove it from your life immediately.
Your Christian friends may not agree with you and may criticize you. After you
have done your research and have submitted it to God, you follow His direction.

Dolls (Excerpts)
Dolls were believed to bring good luck to their owners, to make livestock give
more milk, help win wars and heal the sick. Only witch doctors or medicine men
were allowed to handle them.

The dictionary defines a doll as a small carved or molded figure which served
as a cult object or representation of a nursery story, cartoon or puppet

Both World Book and Britannica point out that dolls were buried with people and
were supposed to be friends and servants in the spirit world.

Roman and Greek girls, in preparation for marriage would leave their dolls on
the altar of the temples of Artemis and Diana. To this day multitudes of idol
(demon) worshippers use dolls in pagan religious ceremonies.

Dolls in Toledo, Ohio - 1980 (Excerpts)
One night when my wife was complaining to me about the child's insolence, out
of nowhere I said, Her problems are those stinking doll babies, it's

The next night while I was praying for someone's deliverance, she picked up an
encyclopedia to check what it said about dolls! There it was: origin in
witchcraft and magic.

Baby - Seven Months Old (Excerpts)
The Lord began to show us the legal grounds Satan held. It was in his dolls!
He had received one for Christmas and a small plastic boy sailor doll at
birth. The Lord also told my husband of various stuffed toys (in shapes of
animals - whales, dogs and kangaroos), a plastic toy "Big Bird" and matching
bib. These were thrown away and curses from them broken. (Look for strange
sicknesses or diseases that will not heal in children.)

When the Lord commanded that no graven images were to be made, He wasn't being
cruel and heartless. He knew the damage they could put upon people (Ex.
20:4). The Lord has also shown us that puppets are a deception and the Lord
places a curse on those that use deceit (Jer. 48:10).

Satan In The Toy Store
How can a child be influenced to readily accept demons? Webster's defines
fantasy as 1) imagination or fancy, especially wild, visionary fancy; 2) unreal
mental image; illusion; phantasm; 3) whim; queer notion; caprice; 4) an
imaginative poem, play, etc., and 5) in psychology, a mental image as in a day

Movies - Star Wars, Dark Cauldrons, etc. aim to frighten, to deceive, to
familiarize children with hideous characters, to entice children to accept evil
as good, etc. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil" (Isa.5:20). For
instance, consider E.T. He could heal, raise the dead, etc.; a mockery of
Jesus and a horrible creature.

Read Daniel 11:38; God of forces means munitions. The below games include
force or munitions. In the games munitions is associated with occult, charms
and magic.

Years ago God showed me the reason for Walt Disney movies, full of occult
workings and such as E.T. It was to get the children to feel comfortable, even
to love the better of the evil presented to them. Do you think it has worked?

In our work with people, we have found fantasy to be a major problem. Many
people under 35 years old have a hard time living in a real world. Dwelling in
fantasy has become to them the real world; the real world is fantasy. Fantasy
costs in lost mental power, satisfaction of life and work.

Cartoons draw on Egyptology - Isis; mythology, witchcraft, occult, Smurfs,
Dungeons & Dragons, Little People and Gremlins. The most violent block of T.V.
time is Saturday morning.

Fairy Tales and Walt Disney movies are full of occult practices: Mary Popins,
Dark Cauldron, etc. Video games incite destruction and death.

Rock music and subliminal music is meant to operate on stimuli that exist below
the threshold of the conscious mind. Its goal is to awaken the energy center
(in the brain) and to expand mental awareness. Scientific instruments have
proved it reaches its goal. Music is more powerful than drugs.

New Age Children's music is to incite rebellion and self elevation. Rock music
leads young people into sexual perversions and violence.

Toys Having Either Occult Linkage,
Actions or Excessive Violence
SMURFS:(German word for demon)-Papa Smurf is a wizard who casts spells and
mixes potions, and often refers to Beelzebub (Satan) in the cartoons. He
practices sorcery and witchcraft. Wizards and witches were put to death in the
Old Testament. Paying heed to them, however amusing or cute and innocent they
seem to be, gives respectability to that which God forbids for He knows it
leads to one opening up oneself to satanic bondage. Ignore and Renounce! STAR
WARS: The theme is based on a cosmic force taken from Zen Buddhism and Eastern
religions. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Yoda is referred to as a Zen master. E.T.
TOYS: E.T. levitates, uses mental telepathy, heals supernaturally,
resurrected, imitation of the life of Jesus, operates in the occult. DRAGONS:
Fantasy game fought in the minds of the players. Teaches demonology,
witchcraft, voodoo, murder, rape, blasphemy, suicide, assassination, insanity,
sex perversion, homosexuality, Satan worship, barbarianism, cannibalism,
sadism, demon summoning, necromancy and divination. Human sacrifice. Some
game!! RAINBOW BRITE AND SPRITES: Sprites are listed in the advanced D & D
Monster Manual. New Age Movement uses rainbow symbol with the star. SHE-RA:
Princess of power, magic power, female defender of the universe. RA is the
name of Egyptian sun god. PEGASUS: Flying horse from D & D monster manual. New
Age Movement uses it for astral flight/meditation. UNICORNS: D & D Monster
Manual; Medieval kings and popes used amulet made from horn; believed to have
magical and healing powers. CARE BEARS: (Not Really???) Wear charms (amulets)
to keep away evil spirits (occult symbols). Rabbit foot, rainbow with star
(New Age symbol) horseshoe, four leaf clover. Latest character, wizard.
HERSELF THE ELF: Elves are inferior spirit beings with great powers
supposedly. Magical flowers. MAGIC KIT: It's magic, spirit slate with mystery
computer. Teaches how to become a magician. CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS: Creates soul
tie with child; mockery of life and death and natural emotions. CABBAGE PATCH
PLAYMATES - (to promote illegitimacy) - Amulets Koosas - mysterious cuddly
creature which brings good luck - adoptable -you name them. PUNK ROCK DOLL:
Name and adopt, same as above. GREMLINS: Violent, sadistic; use transformation
(New Age concept), Cannibalism, and promotional scheme. From English word
germane to vex. Kill and viciously attack people. CROSSBOWS & CATAPULTS:
Designed from "Dark Ages"; Vikings vs. Barbarians, very violent. Fantasy.
SWORD & SORCERY BATTLE GEAR: Fantasy, sorcery, occult, violence. G.I. JOE:
Now adding occult characters to their ranks of regular army characters.
STARRIORS: Warrior robots kill for control of earth using chain saws, buzz saw,
drills, spiked ream, vibrator chisel. SECRET WARS: Fight aliens with secret
messages (occult); the 'Force', wild mutants and hideous creature
transformation. OTHER WORLD: Similar to D & D. Violence with warlords, demons,
dragons. BLACK STAR: Warlock with alien demon; similar to D & D. BLACKSTONE:
Teaches magic. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Evil lords of destruction, beast man,
evil ocean warlord...sorcery. Trying to take the place of Jesus as protector
of His creation. TRANSFORMER: New Age concept. The deceptive leader promotes
peace through tyranny. Links up to Black Hole. Occult practice can change
body into another form. SNAKE MOUNTAIN: Player becomes the snake and works the
demon's jaws as he speaks. Experiment with demon power. ROBO FORCE: Evil Robot
Empire, very violent, "He has killer instinct and a crusher hand". Dictator
and destroyer. GO BOTS: Alien robots? Transformation into vehicles. Confuse
good and evil. BOARD GAMES: These games open children to the influence of
occult power, wizardry, violence, mind control and witchcraft: Thundar-
Barbarian, Pandemonium, Magic 8 Ball, Monster Mansion, Krull (occult with
sorcerer), Herself the Elf, Gremlins, Dragon Master, Mythical Cards, Dungeon,
Ouija, Dark Towers, Magical Crystals, Dragon Lords, Towers of Night, Forest of
Doom, Fires of Shadarr, Star Wars and Yoda, Fantasy Card Game, Hell Pits of
Night-Fang, Rune Quest, Chivalry, Sorcery and Arduin-Grimoire.

Summary of Toys
II Timothy 4:4 - "In the last days they will not endure sound DOCTRINE. They
shall turn away their ears from hearing the truth; they shall turn unto FABLES
and MYTHS!" Webster's Dictionary defines FABLES: fictitious narrative,
legendary story of supernatural happenings, a narrative story in which animals
SPEAK AND ACT LIKE HUMAN BEINGS. Beware Christian, these are the END TIMES!

To Exorcise Inanimate Objects (Excerpts)
In the case of objects dedicated to demons (idols, artifacts, etc.), the best
course of action is to destroy them. However, it is well to check secondhand
cars, homes and apartments also because if the former owners had ouija boards,
or other occult paraphernalia, or were involved in serious bondage to sin, then
there is every reason to suspect that evil spirits could be lingering behind.
These spirits can and will cause trouble to the new owners.

Keep in mind that any prayers offered to anyone or anything other than God the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit constitute prayers and/or worship to demons. Very
often these are answered in the form of curses, for demons can and do respond
to those who request of them. (If you know of demonic prayers against your
family, break the curses placed against you.)

We suggest that two believers go on a mission such as this with Bible in hand.
These should be destroyed. Look for little Mexican sun gods, idols, incense,
Buddhas, hand carved objects from Africa or the Orient, Ouija boards, anything
connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling and so on. Books or
objects associated with witchcraft, good luck charms, or the cult religions
(metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), rock and roll
records and tapes all fall in the category of things which have been often
loaded with evil spiritual power.

Verbally denounce Satan and his power, and all of his demon hosts and claim
authority as a believer-priest because of the name of Jesus Christ and the
authority of His shed Blood. (There is more power in the spoken word.)

Some Scripture which has proven useful in this includes: Rev. 12:11; 22:3;
Col. 2:14-15; Gal. 3:13; Deut. 21:23; 32:5; Num. 23:8, 23; II Sam. 7:29. (Read
out loud in the house.)

The door lintel and window sills should be anointed by touching them with olive
oil. Other things such as statues have been so anointed in Jesus name and many
times the demonic power is checked or destroyed. Any specific areas of demonic
activity or influence of which you are aware should be denounced by name (Prov.
3:33). (This should be done for objects that you don't own and can not

Five Steps To Cleaning House
Worshiping other gods is spiritual adultery:
1. Five-way prayer of forgiveness - you forgive your ancestors, descendants and
others, ask God to forgive and bless them. Ask God to forgive you; you forgive
yourself for sins against your body. Also ask forgiveness for spiritual
2. Break curses and soul ties from others and to others; break curses of
psychic or Catholic prayers.
3. Clean out house of those objects or exorcise objects.
4. Anoint house with oil and drive evil spirits out of house.
5. Cast demons out of people that came in thru curses from objects.

Lord, I come to you about cursed objects and demon infestation in my
possessions and home, and in me. I forgive my ancestors, descendants and others
who have had spiritual influence over me. I ask you to forgive and bless them,
especially with salvation. Please forgive me and I forgive myself for spiritual
adultery. I forgive those who have cursed me; forgive me for cursing others. I
break the curses and demonic soul ties including psychic and Catholic prayers.
I will clean out my house of cursed objects or exorcise objects that I don't
own. I will anoint my house with oil and drive the evil spirits out of the
house. Show me cursed objects, demon infestation and spirits that need to be
cast out of people. In Jesus Name I pray.

Battling The Hosts Of Hell; Conquering The Hosts Of Hell; Demolishing The Hosts
Of Hell; Annihilating The Hosts Of Hell, Volumes I and II; Eradicating The
Hosts Of Hell; Smashing The Hosts Of Hell; The Alcoholic Syndrome; Grappling
with the Host of Hell; Freedom from the Hosts of Hell; and Harassing The Host
of Hell, eleven books (and fifty booklets covering particular topics) by Win
Worley, Hegewisch Baptist Church, Highland, Indiana
Pigs In The Parlor by Frank Hammond, Impact Christian Books