PREFACE - I taught the lesson, "From Adam to Ahab - Men's Weaknesses", first so that I could teach this lesson. I made the men mad while the women gloated. Now the women will get mad while the men gloat. Actually the purpose is to help both men and women. You should not gloat but try to learn about the other sex. I have learned a lot by listening to Earline talk about herself and women in general, and by us ministering to many women. Women should teach the men and men should teach the women about each other.

It appears that the main weaknesses of women are their feelings of insecurity, inferiority and inadequacy, the little "i". The main reason women are in this condition is because the men have failed as fathers, husbands, sons, grandfathers and men in general. The burden of responsibility is on the men, not the women. Men have the weakness of the big "I": pride, ego and vanity.

A term I coined for Earline and myself is God's Little Trouble Makers. We have made spiritual trouble for a lot of religious people by teaching deliverance. We get these lessons from working with thousands of Christians and their problems. As engineer and school teacher, we are problem solvers; as deliverance ministers, we also are problem solvers. I don't have anything against women or women ministers. Earline ministers with me as an equal. She submits to my leadership and I do the dirty work of casting out demons in mass deliverance.


Gen. 3:1-5 Adds to God's words, looks for good things, wants to be wise, wants husband to approve.

16:1-3 Used a substitute wife - trying to help God out.

18:9-15 Laughed at God's promise of a child - not believing God.

19:26 Lot's wife disobeyed the angels and became a pillar of salt - curiosity.

21:9 Could not stand mocking or competition for son - jealousy, overprotection of male child.

27:6-10 Played the Jezebel - interfered with God's plans.

27:46 Lied to Isaac - deceiving husband.

30:1-3 Gave maid to husband to wife for childbirth - trying to keep husbands affections, competition, envy.

30:9 Leah gave maid to husband - competition with sister.

31:19, 34-35 Rachel stole images and lied about them - greed.

38:14-16 Tamar took matters into her on hands - trying to get justification.

39:7 Lust for a man not her husband - harlotry.

Num. 12:1-2 Desire of women to rule - inferiority complex.

30:2-5 Woman not bound by her vow - God holds man responsible.

Duet. 25:11-12 The immodest woman - source of many problems.

Jud. 16:4-6,10,13,15-16 Delilah entices Samson.

Ruth 1:14-15 Natural tendency of woman to stay with her gods.

I Sam. 1:4-6 Women are jealous and provoke each other.

29:9 Women enter into witchcraft for money and power.

II Sam. 6:16, 20, 23 Michal despised David and became childless.

11:2 Bathsheba exposed herself - common problem.

I Kings 19:2 Jezebel threatened Elijah - Jezebelic women threaten pastors.

21:5-14 Jezebel connived to kill Naboth - helping husband.

II Kings 9:30-37 Proud Jezebel is eaten by dogs - end of Jezebel.


II Kings 11:1, Athaliah took matters into her own hands and ended up slain. Some women are calloused enough to have others put to death or even to kill.

Job 2:9-10, Job's wife acted foolishly. Some women ask or demand that their husbands do foolish things.

Proverbs 6:24-26, The mischiefs of whoredom. Evil women use flattery and their alluring eyes to take men into whoredom.

Proverbs 7:10-21, The cunning of a whore. The characteristics of a whore are attire of a harlot, subtle of heart, loud and stubborn, does not stay at home, lies in wait for men, has an impudent face, offers gifts, decorated bed for sex, has an enticing speech and flattering lips.

Eze. 8:13-14, Women weeping for Tammuz. Women today who practice Valentine's Day are worshiping Tammuz, Nimrod and Semiramis.


Matt. 19:3-9, There is only one right before God to put away your mate - fornication or adultery. Christian women are frequently looking for some scriptural reason to divorce the husbands that they fell mistreat them. Probably if these women would truly live the life that the Bible outlines, the husbands would want to treat them right and to be like them.

Matt. 25:1-13, The parable of the ten virgins talks about the five foolish virgins. You could say that these are women who do not find out what the Bible teaches them to do as daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers and women in all walks of life, and then follow the instructions.

Mark 6:17-28, Women get inward grudges against others and go to great lengths to retaliate even unto death. The daughter was probably dancing sensuously to entice the king.

John 4:16-20, When confronted of her sin of adultery, she changed the subject from herself to where to worship. Few women can face themselves and their problems.

James 1:5-8, A woman wavers back and forth between choices of what she should do or not do considering and reconsidering. Women will think of many ideas but not be able to evaluate them. Here again, the natural tendency of a woman is to follow rather than lead. The husband needs to listen to his wife and discuss the alternates. If the wife and husband can not agree, it is the duty of the husband to make the final decision. The husband then must take the consequences of his decision and not to blame the wife if things do not go as anticipated.

I Cor. 7 and 7:28, The duties of the married state are discussed in this chapter. Verse 28 states "Nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh". There is no way to be married and raise a family without having troubles and everyone needs to realize this.

Eph. 5:22-33, The duties of wives and husbands are mentioned in these verses. It is very hard for the modern woman to accept the Bible and to follow its directions of submitting in everything and reverencing her husband.

I Tim. 5:3-16, The qualifications of widows to receive help are listed. Note that a divorcee is not a widow! The church today treats the divorcees as widows and neglects true widows. Some weaknesses of women are being idle, wandering about, gossiping and nosing into others affairs.

I Peter 3:1-7, The duties of wives and husbands are further mentioned in these verses. The key to winning the lost husband is your conduct not preaching and beating the man over the head with the Bible.

STUDY OF SCRIPTURES - The basic nature of man and woman can be seen by a study of the scriptures and observing human nature. Adam and Eve are good examples to study since they were created without sin. You can study how they were created and how they fell into sin. Another list of weaknesses of women is the opposite of the godly characteristics listed in the Bible.

Women want to be equal with men and to do everything that men do. They want to be admired and for others to think they are spiritual. They want to have the wisdom God gives to a Godly man or be like God. They have spiritual pride and want to be looked up to as one who hears from God. They enter into false gifts to be noticed. Because a woman is programmed by God to follow a man, she will tend to stay in a bad situation. She will tend to follow the gods of her husband.

The Bible tells us what are the responsibilities of the man and the woman. They are not the same. We get into trouble when the man acts like a woman and the woman acts like a man. The woman is not capable of doing all of the jobs that the man can do. Many times when she tries to do the job of a man, she breaks down somewhere and falls back on using womanly wiles (witchcraft) to get the job done.

TREATMENT OF WOMEN BY MEN - I Peter 3:7 and Col. 3:19 - The woman is the weaker vessel. Husband must have knowledge of his wife's weaknesses. He should understand the basic nature of the woman as God made her. He should honor his wife and help her overcome her weaknesses. Husband must not be bitter against his wife.

The husband is the king and the wife is the queen of the household. The children are to stand between the two strong parents who will protect them until they leave home. The man is not a dictator or tyrant. The woman is not a slave, a dog or inferior. She does not walk ahead of him and lead the family. She does not walk behind him as a servant. She walks with him, side by side, to guard the family and be a help mate to him in what God has called him to do.

We compiled a lesson called "Perfect Family With A Perfect Relationship To God". This twenty-page lesson outlines what the Bible says about the family. If you believe the Bible and can see what God says about the family, then you will try to follow the instructions. Col. 3:18-21, A summary of the perfect family before God states, "Husbands love your wives." and "Wives submit to your husbands."

AHAB AND JEZEBEL - It is very interesting to study the scriptures about Ahab and Jezebel. We have two excellent tracts that we give to people: The Curse of Ahab and The Curse of Jezebel. We have used this teaching to help many people. Everyone has problems in this area and we can trace our problems back to our ancestors, Adam and Eve.

Women scheme and connive to get their way. They want to control others. Women get into witchcraft so that they can manipulate others for their benefit. Some women despise their husbands when they become priest of the home and the woman is no longer the spiritual head.

Women use their bodies to sensuously attract men and to get their way. Women entice men with their words and exposure of their bodies. Women are afraid that other women will steal their husbands.

THE WOMAN QUESTION - This is a very sensitive area with the women; it is dynamite. Most pastors will not touch this issue with a ten-foot pole; they are afraid of losing their church, congregation and money. We don't have a church to lose and we are not interested in controlling you or your money! I am going to pose the following as questions for you to think about:

1. Part of our calling is to minister to pastors, and other Christian leaders and their families. As we have ministered to this class of people, there have been a lot of questions formed in our minds.

2. The Bible says that the woman is the "weaker vessel" (I Peter 3:7). What does that mean to you? How is the man the stronger vessel?

3. Let's say that the woman is weaker physically and spiritually than the man. How can she be used in the ministry? How did women minister in the Bible?

4. The Bible says that the man is "priest and head of the home" (I Cor. 11:3 & Prov. 1:8). How should he minister to, provide for, and protect the wife and children?

5. Suppose a man will not be priest and head of the home. Why does a woman then try to manipulate or be a Jezebelic woman to get the things that she and the children need in the spiritual and physical realms?

6. Suppose a woman is married and her husband will not provide spiritual protection. Can she shift this responsibility to her pastor or to any man other than her husband to be her protective covering? What is the "covering" of the woman (I Cor. 11:3-16)?

7. We have ministered to many women without their husbands present when the husbands were not saved or did not believe in deliverance. What is the frequent result of only ministering to the woman without her husband present?

8. There are many woman's meetings in the land today. Why do women like to meet without their husbands?

9. Consider the basic way a woman thinks. What happens to a woman in her mind when she has no male leadership?

10. Should a man minister to a woman alone in deliverance? Should a woman minister to a man alone in deliverance? What is the possible happening?

11. The Bible talks about "Priscilla and Aquila" (I Cor. 16:19). Is this a husband and wife team?

12. We minister as a husband and wife team. What are the advantages of this method? What about protection from sex traps laid by Satan?

13. What characteristics are taken on by women who minister full time? Do they try to emulate or copy men?

14. God sent men out "two and two" (Luke 10:1). Did He send out any women one and one, or two and two? Was God discriminating against women?

15. Assume a woman minister travels with another woman. What are the pitfalls?

16. Assume a woman who ministers by herself is either married or unmarried. What are the pitfalls?

17. Assume a woman who ministers is married and her husband is unsaved or saved, and will not travel with her. What are the pitfalls?

18. In the Bible the family is considered as an institution (Gen. 2:24) and was created even before the church. What happens when the family is separated by occupations, ministry or the church? How can the church help to destroy the family by having too many meetings for different members of the family? What is gained by keeping the family together as a unit in work, play and church?

19. What does the Bible say about the duties of a woman about being wife, mother, Christian and minister?


Insecurity, Inadequacy, Exaggeration, Unbelief

Curiosity, Jealousy, Envy, Overprotection

Jezebel, Lying, Deceiving, Competition

Theft, Greed, Harlotry, Inferiority

Immodesty, Enticing, Provocation, Witchcraft

Despising, Exposure, Conniving, Pride

Calloused, Murder, Foolish, Whoredom

Flattery, Cunning, Harlot's Attire, Subtlety

Loudness, Stubbornness, Wandering, Impudent

Grudges, Retaliation, Sensuous, Adultery

Fornication, Anti-submissive, Idleness, Laziness

Gossiping, Nosiness, Spiritual Pride, Masculinized

Wily, Scheming, Control, Manipulation

Fear, Bitterness, Passion, Temper

Quarreling, Malice, Baseness, Rage

Wildness, Indignation, Anger, Brawling

Slander, Spite, Fury, Confusion

Abortion, Ill Will, Resentment, Animosity

Clamor, Nakedness, Hate, Fantasy

Covetousness, Indisciplined, Flirtatious, Frustration

Evil Speaking, Haughtiness, Evil Words, Alluring Eyes

Alluring Walk, Foul Language, Worthless Talk, Outstretched Necks

Deifying Self, Abusive Language, Wearing Amulets, Uncontrolled Emotion

Wearing Charms, Wearing Fetishes, Abused Children, Bad Habits

Female Problems, Phobias, Gluttony, Charismatic Witch

Drunkenness, Grief, Vengeance, Strife

Infirmity, Weakness, Sickness, Sexual Diseases

Ingratitude, Passivity, Psychoneurosis, Psychopsychosis

Psychoneurotic, Rebellion, Schizophrenia, Paranoia

False Tongues, False Prophesy, False Discernment, False Interpretation

Contentious, Insolent, Treacherous, Tempting to Idolatry

Desertion, Vile, Contention, Failure

Uncleanliness, Lasciviousness, Strange Women, Masturbation

Lewdness, Perversion, Pornography