GENERAL - There are two basic ways to get rid of demons. One way is to exorcise the demon. Exorcism is the method used by those who follow Satan. The other way is DELIVERANCE. DELIVERANCE is the method used by those who follow JESUS CHRIST, Son of Almighty God. If there is anything in a persons life that they cannot control and it is controlled by Satan, then the person is demon.- possessed in that area of their life. We have met few people that are totally demon-possessed in every area of their life.

Our calling is to be teachers. The Lord told us to help train an army of DELIVERANCE workers and ministers as well as the families to minister to themselves. There are tremendous fringe benefits to the ministry of helping your own family. You will see the power of God flow through you, and signs, wonders and miracles performed by God in the people you minister to.

EXORCISM - Native doctors and those who follow Satan (spiritualism, witchcraft, occult and Satan worship) claim that they can cast out demons. The Devil's followers cannot cast out demons. These people ask you to pay for their services or they are looking for power, drugs, sex or some other gain. A sacrifice may be even be given to appease the demon. A weaker spirit is removed and a stronger spirit is substituted. After exorcism, the person is worse off than before, although for awhile it may look like there is improvement. Satan does not give free gifts; he gets something in return! God is the only one that gives free gifts through JESUS CHRIST.

ORDINARY CHRISTIANS - Christians can cast out demons of any rank in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST (Mark 16:17; Luke 10:17-20). However, there are situations that require more experience than the ordinary Christian would have. These situations are where ordinary DELIVERANCE has not done the job. Here an experienced DELIVERANCE minister is required. Don't be afraid to get involved as the Holy Spirit leads you. There are too many cowardly Christians and Ministers that are afraid to get involved in this DELIVERANCE which is controversial and unpopular.


General - A DELIVERANCE minister is a person God has especially prepared for this work: teaching, ministry and counseling. The work of the Gospel is supposed to be done as a team (I Cor. 3:5-15). Some ministers are experts at teaching, preaching, pastoring, administering, organizing, counseling, praying, etc. Some are experts at DELIVERANCE (I Cor. 12:4-12; Eph. 4:11-12).

We are supposed to work together, consult together and refer cases to those we know God has made specialists in certain areas. In this way everyone is blessed and the Gospel work advances. The problem is that in a ministry or church one person wants to be everything. He cannot cope with all of the problems and things begin to get out of control. Many people suffer as the result. Disappointment and frustration overcomes them; they leave the church and go back into the world.

Comparison With JESUS - What about JESUS, didn't He do everything perfectly? However, JESUS had unlimited measure of the Holy Spirit - the Seven Spirits of God (John 3:34; Rev. 4:5 and 5:6). These seven administrations of the Holy Spirit are:

1. The Spirit of Jehovah - the knowledge of Divine will, counsel and power to make the same known to others.

2. The Spirit of Wisdom - not Word of Wisdom.

3. The Spirit of Judgment.

4. The Spirit of Counsel.

5. The Spirit of Might.

6. The Spirit of Knowledge of Jehovah - of His nature, attributes and character.

7. The Fear of Jehovah (Isa. 11:2-3).

God deals with us according to the measure of our faith (Rom. 12:3). CHRIST gives us the Spirit according to His measure (Eph. 4:7). No one is able to measure up to CHRIST and be perfect in all ways all of the time. The fact that a person manifests all of the nine gifts does not necessarily mean he is walking in full measure of CHRIST. If you manifest the nine gifts very well and manifest the nine fruits equally well (Gal. 5:22-24), then you are nearer to being CHRIST-like.

God knows that we grow by stages; that is why he scattered the gifts and ministrations of the Holy Spirit on the church at large. Within each ministry God has put all that is necessary to do the job of the Full Gospel according to Mark 16 if we all work together in the five-fold ministry.

Preparation For The Ministry - The minister on whom God has poured the Spirit of DELIVERANCE from demon-possession needs preparation:

1. The minister needs to surrender fully to God and throw open all the doors and windows of his/her life to the searchlight of the Holy Spirit. The work of the DELIVERANCE minister can be a difficult undertaking.

2. The minister needs to be fully equipped.

3. The minister needs a good knowledge of the Scriptures and the Spirit of Understanding.

4. The minister needs a working knowledge of demons. This can only be acquired from learning and experience combined.

5. The minister needs to know how to handle different situations and types of demons.

6. A lengthy discussion of DELIVERANCE is found in our DELIVERANCE Manual which contains four books: Basic DELIVERANCE, Advanced DELIVERANCE, Mass DELIVERANCE, and How To Do DELIVERANCE.

Some Advice - For the person who wants God to use him/her for DELIVERANCE work among those possessed by evil spirits, here is some advice:

1. The person ministering in the area of DELIVERANCE is in a position of all- out warfare with the forces of evil. Many have fallen by the wayside because of ignorance of Bible and of DELIVERANCE, still having many demons within themselves, women and men ministering by themselves, being lured by false doctrines, etc.

2. Demons can be very stubborn and highly seductive. Demons do not easily come out when they have a right before God to stay due to unconfessed sin, curses, soul ties, etc. They can lure the man or woman who is alone into a sex trap destroying the ministry, their family and others who are following that leader.

3. Effective weapons used against ministers are carelessness, pride, immorality, taking God for granted, spiritual weakness, and affliction of wife/husband where the minister refuses to yield to God.

4. DELIVERANCE ministers should train their families and involve them in DELIVERANCE work. Husband and wife should minister together as a team if possible.

REFERENCE - Ministering Among The Demon Possessed, Victoria Eto, Shallom Christian Mission International, P.O. Box 159, Oleh, Bendel State, Nigeria.