I have an Indian-English-German-French background. There are curses on each of these people. Indians worshipped devils. Some English and Europeans were Druids who worshipped Satan.

In innocence my father participated in some occult practices - wart removal and water witching. From my father came curses of Masons and Indians. Physical problems came as a result of curses on Indian worship: Inactive thyroid, female disorders and heart disease.

My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic with an Indian-English background. Her emotional illness caused me to need a lot of DELIVERANCE from emotional problems.

The following testimony will help you understand how the soul (mind, will and emotions) works. It will also show you how Satan attacks the physical body with demons by curses.


In July of 1975 I came into DELIVERANCE. Do you know it is truly possible to have peace in your mind? For most of my life, I was your average daughter, wife, mother and woman. In my mind there was never any real peace, only a sort of make-believe peace. I was not particularly moody, not often angry and not often depressed.

Life for me after I married was a continual move--new places--new people--new houses; all of which I enjoyed. Our homes were among the best and most beautiful around. Decorating them was a lot of joy for me. Taking my children to new places and introducing them to new experiences was exciting. We toured all of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The greatest fun was watching the children enjoy all the new and unusual things we came across. Life was very exciting.

On May 22, 1973 we were devastated. Our son died from an accident at play. Now all of these lovely homes, beautiful furniture, exciting places, fun people and fun times seemed like trash. At this time we came to know the love of JESUS and the power of God. Never would we be the same again.

After five months passed, we returned south from Minneapolis. In Baton Rouge at the Full Gospel Business Men meetings, we heard about divine healing and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit; I needed both. In time I was healed of my allergies, bad back, etc. and got the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Gene and I went to meetings, testified and prayed for people, and saw miracles of healing and Baptisms. For about six months things went fine but as time passed, some attitudes and hurts began to show up and I was very unhappy, moody, and depressed.

I spent hours telling Gene how badly he had treated me. I came to believe he had done things that he had not. If you look at my previous statement, you'll see I enjoyed moving. One time when I was ill, I didn't want to move. The rest of the time I enjoyed it. So, I let myself come to believe that he moved just to hurt me and to make life bad for me. I accused him of shutting Marie and me out of his life since Byron died. Gene never knew what to expect when he got home---maybe a frying pan on the noodle. No amount of Bible reading, prayer or fasting helped for more than a week or two at the most.

I was trying to help Marie who was going through all kinds of adjustments to her brother's death but only made matters worse. She also became full of resentment and hurt, and was bitter and angry.

Gene and I fasted, prayed and talked. I was fasting and praying that God would fix Gene up. I was so blind I was sure that I was perfect---well almost.

After a year or so, I was sitting reading Psalm 91. I had always loved it but suddenly like a bucket of ice water it hit me. The Psalm was not true for me. I had no peace, and was always angry and moody. I (when you are persuaded by the Devil to look on others as the problem) was even beginning to wonder if God was just being bad to me.

I sat on the couch and began to pray: "God if you don't help me tonight I am going out of the church altogether, and into the world for good". I told God that Gene is worse off than me; he's all of my problems. God just stopped talking so I started praying again the same prayer. God said again, "Get Gene to pray DELIVERANCE for you". I asked about all the pastors, teachers and evangelists we knew doing the prayers. God did not answer; have you ever noticed He does not argue with you? Being one of determination I started out again, "God I must have help tonight; if I don't get it, I flat quit." He said, "Get Gene to pray DELIVERANCE for you". God was not harsh, neither was he condemning. He seemed to be pleased that I had finally asked for help and really meant it.

I called Gene; he didn't seem particularly impressed. He also suggested the same people and the same excuses. But the best one was "I don't know what DELIVERANCE is; I don't know how to do that".

After some discussion, we decided to go to the bedroom and get in the middle of the bed. We were sitting facing each other, Gene starts praying, and my mind starts wandering. He prayed a while in TONGUES and started saying strange things such as, "You come out of my wife in the name of JESUS". One thing I remember well was that at the beginning when each demon was named, I had a thought, "I don't have that".

As he called out Rejection, its hurts and kindred spirits, I was being shown by the Holy Spirit how these spirits had gained entrance into me, and how they had checked and bound me in all attempts to be myself. Rejection kept me just short of my goals in life. Mostly it kept me from doing what God said to do due to a fear that the other person would disagree or reject me and my idea. I always worked better and succeeded best in those things that I did alone.

Next came Bitterness; I never even considered myself bitter. But as he called out demons under this ruler, I saw hate, violence and anger. I had much trouble with temper. Not that I was always violent, on the contrary I was seldom angry to the observer. When I did get angry or lose my temper, my husband and children usually found some other more suitable place to be.

At the naming of Rebellion, I thought I surely don't have this spirit. As he called it out again, I balled up my fist, drew back to back-hand him, and was consumed with a fit of coughing and mucus.

As this was going on, I was shown how there is only one real rebellion, and it is pointed toward God. Even if we say, "My husband just does not accept God's way so I am going to---". In the end when it's traced back, it is rebellion to God for God gave directions about how to live with an unsaved mate. If it is against circumstances, God says, "This is the will of God in CHRIST JESUS concerning you". In whatever circumstances, I am therewith to be content.

One of my rebellions was against circumstances. I had always had such lovely homes with rooms to spare, so that Gene always had an office, and I always had a sewing and craft room. When we came here, Gene bought a three bedroom house with only two baths. His reason was that I couldn't set up Byron's bedroom; I became bitter. I said, "Yes, but you still have your office; I don't have a room. You always get what you want." And I became more rebellious.

When I first moved here I didn't hate this house but little by little it crept up on me. At first it was just the things packed together. Then it grew until I hated the house twenty-four hours a day. Then my ingratitude reached other branches of my life. My wheels were the wheels of a camper truck. I didn't like the truck anymore. Next came Gene, and then living in this bug-infested hot climate with people who can't speak good English. Next the ungrateful person begins to blame others even if he sees it's as much his fault as the other person's. He lies to himself until in his eyes, at least, the other person is entirely at fault.

God showed me my attitude in light of His attitude letting me know that He could take even this house away; that He had provided it and I was ungrateful for His provision. Oh my, this really was sobering me up. After these three main ruler demons were cast out, I gave up if he called a demon out. I just agreed and became free of it.

I had a habit of getting my work done as fast as I could because I didn't like being in the house alone. So, I roved all over this town looking for plants and cloth to work on the house, but I never worked on it. I did a lot of visiting with other Christian women which is not necessary.

Since neither Gene nor I knew anything about this turn of events, I asked God to teach me so I wouldn't go backwards. I rather liked the changes in my mind and attitude.

The morning after this experience I came down the hall to the kitchen and was greeted pleasantly by my daughter. Now, this was a surprise because she was not so pleasant at the time either. I noticed that she began to change. I asked God about this often and learned that my condition had put such a strain on her that she was being broken under it. I didn't tell her about my DELIVERANCE; I didn't know I should. She became a very obedient and joyful person. I began to enjoy Marie and not worry about her so much.


After casting out the demon, "I Like To Eat", I told God how I had tried dieting and I knew that was hopeless. I was told obedience is better than sacrifice, and I knew how to eat but was not doing it. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, not much meat and very little sweets is the basis of a proper diet.

Asked if I'd do what I was told, I assured God that I would. He said that food can be divided into two groups: God's and Devil's. Devil's food includes sweets to excess, junk food, and liquids which are mostly empty calories.

It's not bad manners not to eat sweets or any other food when you know your body has not used up the last meal. I was intelligent enough to know if I truly needed food. Here are God's rules in summary:

1. Eat fruit and vegetables; include leafy greens.

2. Do not each much meat - three or four servings weekly.

3. Don't eat unless you truly need to.

4. Don't let others stuff you.

5. Seldom eat sweets.

6. Almost never eat junk food.

7. Remember those whose God is their belly.

8. Cook all foods simply.

9. Use little fat and cut fat from meat.


I had a heart condition which was unusual. It never occurred with regularity nor under any specific condition.

While taking a tread mill test, I experienced tremendous pain in the chest, arms and neck. Having been examined by a "great heart specialist" in Minneapolis, he told me that my heart was good but he had written "death by heart attack" on many people's certificates like myself. These were people who didn't really have anything wrong with their hearts.

A year or so after my dad's death I found my heart acting up again. Sometimes one to five years would elapse between seizures. I began to ask God to show me why my brothers, dad, dad's brothers, and his dad, all had heart problems. He showed me Exodus 20 and Ezekiel 18. He told me to repent for my ancestors and myself for the sin of idol worship in Lev. 26:40-41. The curse of idol worship follows the blood line. I did these things and have been free for over seven years. I was only the second generation from this Indian worship and also had curses from previous generations.


Schizophrenia means split mind (schizein = to split and phren = mind). I had a lifetime of mental and emotional tension. I was unable to decide what to do and see it through. I had many fears that something bad was going to happen.

All of my life I had great fears of bad things happening: fears of failing and fears of people. I was often tense for weeks and I did not know why.

This is the earliest memory I have of going to school. I was so afraid of all the people I could not go into the school but hid behind the well house until my brother came and took me into the first grade. I was disoriented that day; strange feelings and fears tormented me.

I have very few memories from childhood below the age of nine or ten years. Generally speaking I lived in two worlds: home and away from home. I became very good at forgetting everything bad (parents' fights and my own troubles) that happened at home the minute I walked out the door. I felt more freedom and ease away from home. At high school and college I had trouble with certain subjects like algebra and chemistry. They had things too similar for me to distinguish between them. Both of these subjects ended in frustration and low grades for me.

In my marriage I had some problems accepting my husband as one who would provide for me, take care of me, and continue to love me. I was always expecting the marriage to end badly.

After six years of marriage, we had a delightful son and two years later we had a beautiful daughter.

Double-mindedness wears the person out, and frustrates and confuses him. Deciding, then undeciding stagnates a person. For example, my mom was here for a while; she couldn't be content for desiring to go home. When at home, she was pressed to stay somewhere else besides her home. When away from home, great fears filled her about the house. She was miserable and made those around her miserable (James 1:5-8).


The scriptural basis for giving a testimony is found in Rev. 12:11 where we overcome Satan by three things: the blood of JESUS, our testimony, and not loving our lives. God told me that if I was unwilling to tell about my DELIVERANCE, I would lose it. And furthermore, if I was ashamed of Him and His provisions, He would be ashamed of me in Heaven.

The day after I received my main DELIVERANCE, I had an empty feeling and did not know what to do. My reaction was to ask God continually for direction.

I learned that I didn't really know God's Word. I didn't know how to use God's Word or how to use my mind. I asked God to take my thoughts. He told me that He wouldn't touch my thoughts with a ten foot pole; that His thoughts were higher than mine and that I must control my thoughts.

I started marking everything that God said in the Bible in red. I found there is much said about the mind in Deuteronomy. Next I was impressed to underline every verse in the New Testament that told me something that I should do.

I soon realized that I really didn't know what I should think with my mind. It occurred to me that my mind is to be an instrument for my spirit's use and not the other way around. The hands, feet, eyes, ears and body obey, so why not make the mind obey? To make the mind obey, I needed to know what to make it do.

I had to learn how to tell the difference between God's and the Devil's thoughts. The battleground for the Christian is primarily for his soul, not body or spirit. The demons want to re-enter through your mind.

Situations around you will not necessarily change immediately now that you have changed . Just as you practiced obedience to the demons' words, now practice obedience to God's Word.

This is my first encounter with the Devil after I was delivered. Before I was delivered, I would get very angry and depressed when I cleaned house. At that time, we had wall-to-wall furniture. The living room was really badly cluttered. Each piece of furniture had to be moved to vacuum around it. I was happy and didn't hate this house anymore.

As I was vacuuming the living room, I dropped a table on my toe and was having trouble getting the vacuum nozzle under the sofa. I raised up and let out a loud "I hate this---". God quickly warned me that "life and death is in the tongue, and they that love it will eat the fruit thereof" (Prov. 18:21). I knew that I must not complete the sentence as I would be back where I started from. I repented and repeated until I believed it, "I love this house and I thank God for it".

God also told me at this time that He had given it to my family. If I didn't have an attitude of gratitude about the house and furniture, He could easily remove them from me (Deut. 27:48).

My next attack was sent through people when asked why I looked so much better and was losing weight. I would answer truthfully and say "I was delivered of demons and no, I was not dieting". If three people were present, you would get three distinct reactions. One would leave pronto, one would regard you as if you were radioactive, and one would grab your arm and want to know more.

Then you'd hear whispers---she had demons! They only talk about demons; do they worship them? They are fanatical; they believe there is a demon under every bush!

Next I was tempted to go back to some of my old habits of retaliation, etc. I must crucify the flesh---God said that vengeance belongs to Him (Rom. 12:19). I must not habitually sin or else I become the demon's house in that area again (I John 3:8-9).

Mental suggestions by the Devil must be put down. He will suggest a what if, could be or maybe. If this happens, what will you do (fear and more fear)? Unless you have facts to base your knowledge on, don't let the Devil play you along.

One of his tactics was to attack me about Marie: what if Marie can't adjust to her brother's death? Before DELIVERANCE, I would cringe in fear and worry. After DELIVERANCE, I learned to tell Satan that Marie can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens her; I can too!

You don't have to be perfect to give a word of encouragement, share an experience, help someone or even cast out a demon. If God wanted perfection, nothing would ever get done. I'm almost fifty-two years old and I have yet to meet a perfect person.

You must have a total commitment to JESUS CHRIST. Rely totally on Him and His Word. Do these things and you will continue to get free and stay free. Don't be double minded: deciding and undeciding. Remember that a double - minded man is unstable in all his ways. Give very careful study to what you read in the Bible and carefully compare it to the thing you need to make a decision on. When you have judged it by the Biblical instructions then don't waver.